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Click GP – Applying Video Call and Scheduling software to Primary Care

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  • September 8, 2020
Click GP - Applying Video Call and Scheduling software to Primary Care
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Click GP is a video calling app for delivering doctor’s appointments remotely. Using a software-as-a-service model, the app requires no new hardware for users and is automatically updated. At KIJO, we are proud to have built this app, working together with Dr. Adeel Riaz. A General Practitioner himself, Dr. Riaz came to us with the idea to use video conferencing technology to ease the pressure on the NHS primary care system. Demand on primary care is increasing, as the UK population is both growing and ageing. As overworked GPs struggle in an underfunded system, ClickGP illustrates the need for upgraded care that utilises live video conferencing. Here we review the success of our agency’s video call software design.

Video appointments can save doctors time, reducing the need for house calls and enabling them to see more patients quickly via video link. This would also make accessing care easier for elderly or housebound patients, or those living in rural areas who travel long distances to reach their nearest practise. 

 video call software

During the global coronavirus pandemic, this software has clear applications and benefits for GP services. Use of video calling reduces exposure between practitioners and patients in close quarters such as waiting rooms. It also creates an alternative method for especially vulnerable people to be seen by a GP. By using video call software for appointments where possible, fewer people enter GP surgery waiting rooms. Staff and patients who need an in-person appointment are then more able to keep a safe distance from one another, reducing the spread of viruses. NHS commissioners are now being encouraged to invest in online consultation provision, but uptake is still at a low. ClickGP is available as a private service, used alongside NHS GP services.

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Accessible software design from all angles

The app is structured around three user types: Admin, Doctor and Patient. Each user type has a different dashboard, showing the most relevant data to their role. Doctors can see all open clinics and upcoming appointments. The Admin dashboard allows administrators to arrange and manage clinics and access all the relevant data needed to run a successful online GP service. Patients can review their ClickGP medical notes and prescriptions from their dashboard, as well as book and review upcoming appointments. Using the intelligent booking system, patients can arrange appointments within the application, which will update their Doctor’s schedule straight away.

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Clinical Design

In designing brands for medical and care services, keeping things calm and reassuring is a priority. The name ‘ClickGP’ suggests simplicity: just ‘Click’ and get to a GP. We used the ‘C’ letterform to create the logo, adding minimalist figures to represent a family group. Lots of curves and a colour scheme of deep blues and greens suggests a dependable and low-stress experience for Patients, and professionality for Doctors. 

To make the transition from NHS to ClickGP systems easy for doctors, we looked at the software they were already using and ensured that the key similar features were user friendly. Doctors can make notes in-app during calls and view patient details easily prior to appointments, without becoming cumbersome and cluttered.

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Video Conferencing and Live Chat

Building a brand new video conferencing platform presented many challenges, especially when integrating it in software with so many other elements. Since we developed ClickGP we have been able to apply what we have learned to create our own video calling service. Since the move to home working, our meetings have been conducted using the same video call software we developed for ClickGP in the form of KIJOChat.

We also created an instant messaging platform within ClickGP’s software, so that patients could ask questions and liaise with their doctors in a written as well as a visual format. This feature also provides a user friendly work-around should a patient not be able to hear their doctor, or vise versa.

 video call software

Creating a Multi-platform User Interface

With so many elements needed on-screen at a time, we were challenged to find ways this UI would translate to mobile and tablet. The typical solution is to collapse every element into one column, but this would have resulted in a long page with lots of parts that needed to work together.

Instead, we simplified everything from the desktop designs straight to mobile, prioritising the key elements for each function. This helped us understand how we could be using the space more effectively during live appointments, enabling doctors to take notes and view calendars during calls. Once we had the mobile design right, we scaled up to tablet sizing to create continuity across mobile devices. The result was a UI that is simple to read and understand across all devices, without compromising functionality.

 video call software

A Healthcare Service and Brand, designed and built by KIJO

Working on a complex and important project was an opportunity for collaborative effort between our design and development teams. With so many components to bring together, it was vital for us to communicate at every stage and combine our different skill sets to find creative solutions.

To supplement the web application and brand identity, we put together a marketing website. This is a website that is used to showcase the service to potential users, explain how it works and offer pricing options. We built this using WordPress, so that the marketing website is simple for the client to edit and update. It is also fully optimised for SEO, so it will be easy for interested users to find in search engines. 

We are happy to have built this important project, which was brought to us as an idea. ClickGP is now a fully-fledged business, with a bespoke, software-based service, a strong, recognisable brand and a website which is both informative and reassuring. We have had positive feedback from all project stakeholders and early users. Dr Riaz, now managing director of ClickGP, said he was “Extremely happy with the outcome as the net product is amazing. Team at KIJO is world class, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.” 

It is humbling to imagine how this development might transform healthcare in the UK, were it to be adopted nationwide. By building a product which could revolutionise primary care, we feel we are succeeding in our mission to build the future, and are looking forward to applying what we have learned in future projects.

To find out more about this video call software or our other app design projects, view our the ClickGP case study. If, however, you’re looking for a new website or need an app developing then look no further than the KIJO team. Simply contact us today, we’re more than happy to help.

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