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Huge FREE Downloadable Icon Pack - 80+ Icons

Mark Simmonds

Digital Marketing Executive

Author Image: Mark Simmonds
Downloadable Icon Pack
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Huge Downloadable Icon Pack

Click here to download the
FREE KIJO Icon Pack 

Over 80 bespoke icons that we are giving away completely free! All icons have been designed in house by the KIJO team, we have also included the master files in the icon pack, we are good like that! We hope you like them.

Keep your eye out on this page as we will be adding more and more icons over the coming weeks. We love to hear your feedback, let us know how you have used the icons in your designs or if you have any icon requests!

What icons feature in the free pack

free icons

These icons can be used for everyday businesses, but would really shine for printers and print makers.

free icon pack

These bold & eye catching icons would suit any gas and plumbing providers.

downloadable icon pack

These icons could apply to general maintenance companies, however they would be perfect for a locksmiths website.

free icon pack to download

These friendly food & drink icons would sit well on a modern catering website.

download free icons

Our cleaning icon set would be great for cleaners and eco friendly businesses.

high quality free icons

These general business icons are tailored to work for any company website, if your company ships products this is definitely the set for you.

free icons to use

Our bright building maintenance icons cover every aspect of building services, from cleaning, plumbing and electrics to renovations.

Click here to download the