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180 People Have Already Voted in the Koncept Cup

Mark Simmonds

Digital Marketing Executive

Author Image: Mark Simmonds
wolverhampton university
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With the Koncept Cup being well under way and with 1 month to go, we have been working hard pushing submissions on all fronts. The current submission count is 15 and we have had some very exciting ideas submitted. From a music application which encourages musicians to collaborate and meet up, to a piece of software which would help aid referees in snooker when placing the cue ball after a foul has been committed.

Over 180 people have already voted!

Entrants have also been busy collecting votes for their ideas. We currently have 2 ideas which have been submitted with over 70 votes.


Did you catch us at Wolverhampton University

Last week we visited Wolverhampton University with the aim of helping students submit their very own business ideas. Fair to say it was a very successful day. From the 10 people who turned up to the workshop we managed to walk away with 11 submissions.

One of the students went as far to thank us for giving him the opportunity to get his idea out there. He went on to say “Without the Koncept Cup I would of never acted on my idea”. This his a huge positive for us as it was our aim from the get go to promote entrepreneurship via the Koncept Cup.

Have you summited to the Koncept Cup?

If you have a revolutionary business idea in mind, we urge you to submit the Koncept Cup. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! You can submit to the Koncept Cup by recording yourself on Instagram and adding the hashtag #KonceptCup18. You could even simply email in your idea using the email .  Don’t forget the competition closes on the 31st March 2018!

Learn More about the Koncept Cup by clicking here.

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