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Introducing: KIJO’s New Company Values (and how to write your own)

This year has given us all some time for reflection, leading to a change in our company values.

company values

The pandemic has thrown us into uncertain times and fluid working practices. We’ve moved our agency into remote working and become an international workforce. With all this change, the KIJO Kulture and company values we spent so long building in our offices could have been eroded.

We may not be able to celebrate our wins by sharing a pizza or onboard new colleagues with a cup of tea, but we’ve landed on our feet thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team. Even from home, that’s a resilient KIJO Kulture

Time for an Upgrade

There’s no better time for companies like ours to be considering how their workplace culture has translated online. 

We’ve revamped our company values to reflect our outlook and mission no matter where we’re working, and we want to share them openly so you know who we are from the start.

We believe this energy makes us a great agency to work with, whether you’re a client or an employee.

Creating Defined Company Values

Language is tricky. Each word you use, particularly when it comes to abstract concepts like ‘values’, can be interpreted in a number of different ways, depending on context.

I am really happy with our new values. We have taken the steps to simplify them and make them a lot clearer. The values will now be consistent both internally and externally.

I particularly like how we have clarified both what we are and what we are not. Sometimes values can just end up being marketing fluff but ours really are a reflection of who we are and how we approach our work.

Jordan Thompson – Cofounder and Director at KIJO

What KIJO Is (and What KIJO is Not)

KIJO is Innovative

  • Innovative is: optimistic, interesting, exciting, forward-thinking, ambitious
  • Innovative is not: idealistic, dreamy, boastful

At KIJO, we are  prepared to take risks in our innovations. Our future-focus is our core motivation.

company values

KIJO is Human

  • Human is: calm, understated, conversational, clever, approachable, humorous
  • Human is not: vague, dumbed-down, over-familiar

We want a long-lasting relationship with our clients, so we keep it light to build familiarity and confidence from the start. We are user-focussed in all of our designs, ensuring they are built with humans in mind

KIJO is Confident

  • Confident is: focussed, clear, well-phrased, honest, positive, expert, decisive
  • Confident is not: arrogant, brash, generalised, unrealistic

We are technical experts, so we communicate with confidence in our abilities.

KIJO is Creative

  • Creative is: clever, unexpected, pleasing, witty, attentive to detail
  • Creative is not: weird, bizarre, unruly, obscure

We are creatives with an eye for aesthetic and detail. We don’t go for generic easy routes, but show off our flair wherever we can.

Company Values

KIJO is Strategic

  • Strategic is: executive, detailed, organised, forward-thinking, up-to-date
  • Strategic is not: cold, clinical, scattered, repetitive, indecisive

We give our clients a clear plan, showing how KIJO will turn an idea from concept to reality. We approach our projects with a strategic mindset from the outset.

KIJO is Clear 

  • Clear is: simple, concise, to the point, easy-to-use, understandable, efficient
  • Clear is not: condescending, jargon, technical, boastful, arrogant

We get straight to the point. We say what we mean and we speak with precision, to make sure there are no misunderstandings.

Why Create Clear Company Values?

For Your Brand

With undeniable company values like these, we want to ensure they’re felt across all our communications. It’s no use saying ‘Our company is Fun’ when the newsletter is dry as a biscuit. 

From values like these, any writer creating copy for KIJO can see immediately how we like to present ourselves. 

This worked so well that we created Tone of Voice documents for all of our projects. 

Now, we can provide the client’s Company Values to copywriters and content marketers, and be sure the copy matches the brand, reducing rewrites.

For Your Clients

Clear company values offer your clients or prospective clients an insight into who they’ll be working with, and how you’ll interact. If your company values collaboration, clients know their ideas will be heard. If your company values precision, clients know you’ll do your best to get it right. This helps manage client expectations and build you great relationships that work.

For Your Team

Whether you’re a remote agency like us or a global corporation, company values give your employees something to unite around. They can show how the team should work together, the kind of attitude they should bring to work and the kind of support they can expect.

Having well defined company values is also helpful for prospective employees. When a candidate is thinking of applying to your company, they are likely to check out your website. Mostly, they’ll be looking to learn a bit about the company to inform their application, but seeing company values which align with their own can have a big impact. When candidates want to work for you specifically, they put more effort into standing out.

Company values

How to Write Company Values

Your company values showcase the culture you encourage in your team, the way you work together and what you think is important. This can’t be copied & pasted from some marketing blog; it needs to be unique to your business.

  1. Have a conversation with your team. It can be good to get together and crowdsource ideas for company values. Find out what your employees like best about working with you, their aspirations for the business, and anything that makes the team special.
  2. Group similar terms together. Your list can’t be hundreds of values long, so group the terms your team use into categories. This might look like “fun, bubbly, youthful, good sense of humour” or “hard-working, good work ethic, driven, motivated”.
  3. Choose 1 word to summarise each category. This will form the basis of your values. You can work them up into the format we’ve used, or use your own existing format. However you present them, what shines through is that these are authentic, collaboratively chosen values.

Clarity is Key

For prospective clients and employees alike, finding out what your company is like on the inside shouldn’t be a difficult task. Make your values easy to find on your ‘About Us‘ page to ensure your business is presented in the best light.

Posted on 10 April 2021 by Kirk Thompson

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