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Web Design Birmingham – Why We’re Number 1

KIJO the Creative and Effective Web Design Agency

Whatever products or services you offer, the best place to engage customers and build your brand is online. This makes a website one of the assets a modern business needs to flourish. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a small-scale start-up or a multinational corporation; unless your site is well designed, it will be a real hindrance. When it comes to web design Birmingham businesses are in a particularly tricky position. There is lots of competition throughout the city, so you need your site to look great and work seamlessly.

Standing out from the crowd for the right reasons will make a big difference. And of all the web agencies Birmingham has to offer, KIJO is your best bet to make a splash and wow customers.

Attracting visitors with a modern site which looks the part is one thing. Optimising it to rank well on search engines like Google is another. You need to take search rank into account, because without good visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), people won’t be able to find you in the first place.

As an experienced web design agency, KIJO can make sure that your SEO is on-point. So if your site is nowhere to be seen on Google, or buried in Bing, we’ll work wonders for your ranking.

Your site will be the public face of your organisation, so it needs to make a great first impression. With quality website development, Birmingham businesses can win over customers immediately and increase conversion rates.

A professionally designed site will let you build a trusting relationship with visitors straight away. And as time passes this is an investment which will pay dividends, helping you gain traction via word of mouth as well as on search engines.

Small businesses are particularly susceptible to branding issues. You can succeed or flounder depending on how you build your brand’s reputation. A well designed site will let you control this process and gain momentum organically, rather than stumbling at the first hurdle. In short it’s not something you can afford to overlook.

If you love the web, you probably already know exactly what grinds your gears about bad design. But if you don’t have the skills or resources to fix common issues yourself, it’s worth calling in the experts.

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How Can Web Design Affect Your Google Rankings?

At the end of the day your website needs to help boost sales and generate revenue for your business. And in the era of the internet, good design plays a central role in this.

The higher you rank on Google, the more people will visit your site. But search algorithms used to organise results can be brutal, especially if your site is poorly designed or improperly optimised.

It’s important to consider things like mobile-friendliness, ease of use, page load speed, content quality and many other elements to claw your way up the SERPs. And in terms of web design, Birmingham businesses can optimise all of these and more with the help of KIJO.

Google relies on lots of different ranking factors to come up with results, so it can be tough to keep track of them all. If you try to take a shortcut, you could end up with a penalty that hurts you in the long run. Taking risks is never worthwhile. Instead use cutting edge design techniques and experienced developers to keep your site on the straight and narrow.

Even at a time when social media share ability may be hitting the headlines, it’s important not to ignore the power of Google. With innovative design in your corner, you’ll be in the best position to grow your presence and trump competitors. Not to mention our excellent SEO Services. 

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Website Development In The Heart Of Birmingham

If you’re looking for website design, Birmingham has a lot of options, with agencies vying for your attention and often promising more than they can realistically deliver. That’s not the case with KIJO, the best Birmingham web design agency on the block.

We’re not some faceless organisation based in a far-flung location. You can find us in the thick of the action in the UK’s most vibrant city, providing personalised packages to clients of all sizes.

We want to banish boring design and bring beautiful, engaging sites to life. And our top notch team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results with every project.

By staying on top of the latest trends, we make eye-catching sites that are fully optimised to boost your search rank. And because we understand the importance of targeting mobile users, our sites are also pitched perfectly for smartphone and tablet browsing. User experience is central to our design ethos and we want to make sure that this is carried across into everything we create.

Whatever type of websites, businesses need, we can take it in our stride. If you want a spanking new site that will help catapult your brand into the public eye, we’ve got you covered. If you have an existing site that needs a fresh coat of paint, we can revamp it to make it relevant for modern audiences. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor our services to meet them.

Our expert developers know what makes the modern web tick, so you don’t have to let your site look past its prime or leave it at the mercy of Google’s algorithms. Get great Birmingham web design from us and start to see the difference straight away. We combine form and functionality to develop something special for every client that comes through our door.

At KIJO we pride ourselves on maintaining industry-leading standards, with quality web design services for every client. There’s no need to settle for second best when you have the leading web design company Birmingham has to offer on your doorstep.

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Why KIJO Is No.1 For Web Design Birmingham

Web Design That Wows

The web is overcrowded with sites of all types, so when visitors arrive on yours, you really want it to knock their socks off. KIJO is a Birmingham web design agency with a difference we offer web design that wows and leaves people with a smile on their face.

Most visitors form an opinion of your site in a matter of seconds, which is why it is so important to prioritise quality design. If you’re looking for top notch typography, majestic multimedia elements, impeccable interface layouts and bold branding, you can get all this by working with our web design experts. Whatever the expectations of your target audience, we’ve got your back.

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Human Friendly Websites

Some sites are ruthlessly optimised for search rank success without really taking users into account. At KIJO we craft sites, which are great for SEO and also human-friendly at their heart, giving you the best of both worlds. So when visitors click through they will be greeted with slick, modern design that gives them access to the information they need in an intuitive, elegant way.

This is another area that lets you set your site apart from the competition. Rather than your site feeling like a cut-and-paste template that doesn’t have a personal touch, we’ll rustle up reliably excellent designs that feel fresh and user-oriented.

Mobile First

You can’t ignore the fact that most site visits are carried out via mobile devices. And if your site doesn’t display correctly on smartphones and tablets, you’ll be shunned by customers and search engines alike.

At KIJO we design sites with a mobile-first approach at the top of the agenda. Our responsive techniques make pages look amazing on desktops, laptops and touch-screen gadgets of all sizes. Usability will be preserved across every platform and browser.

No other website agencies Birmingham has to offer are so adept when it comes to targeting mobile users. We aim to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and their customers in everything we do.

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User Experience

A website needs great user experience (UX) design to thrive. This is another cornerstone of the KIJO philosophy, and why we’re ahead of the competition.

We rely on data and feedback from real users to shape the UX decisions we make. Understanding how visitors will engage with your site is crucial, as you’ll want to make sure that they are never confused or confounded as they click, scroll and swipe. So from the first second they hit your carefully crafted landing page to the moment they finally complete a transaction, we’ll make sure your site guides them effectively every step of the way.

Answering Your Web Design Company Questions

How much does it cost for a new website?

The cost of web design in Birmingham will vary depending on the size of the project and what you want to achieve. The more pages you want to add and the greater the number of elements required for each will increase the cost. Also consider that building a site from scratch is also a bigger task than overhauling an existing site. Get in touch with us to find out more about our service costs, or to receive a quote.

How long does it take a web design agency to build a website from scratch?

Again, this is something that differs according to lots of variables. The complexity and size of a site will play a major role in determining how long it takes our team to build it or tweak it. Let us know about any specific deadlines you have for launch and we can work together to ensure that your site is up and running in a timely fashion.

What is the easiest platform to update?

There are lots of different platforms out there for sites which offer website hosting Birmingham businesses can use. But in terms of pure user-friendliness and flexibility, WordPress is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s what we recommend to clients who are looking to build a brand new site and want to be able to manage and update it over time without needing to be a coding whiz

Do you adapt templates or create bespoke websites?

The choice is yours. We can either alter an existing template to fit your needs, or build a site which is entirely unique to your business and brand. We want to give you the power to choose which approach we take, according to your requirements and budget. No other web design company Birmingham has to offer will match us when it comes to flexibility.

Can you edit WordPress themes?

At KIJO we live and breathe WordPress. So if you want us to edit a theme, that’s no bother at all. We are always up to date with the latest themes, which means our clients can pick and choose from modern layouts and features without being restricted in any way. It’s what makes us the best design agency Birmingham has to offer.

Who is responsible for the content?

If you want to take charge of creating content for your site in-house, then that’s perfectly fine. We can advise you on strategies and help get you started with uploads, then let you take the reins. Alternatively you can let our copywriting wizards create compelling, original content for landing pages, blog posts, press releases and more. If you need content on an ongoing basis along with web design in Birmingham, talk to our team to find out what we can do for you.

Do you possess any images we can use for the new website?

You’ll need to provide the images for the site that we build, although we do have some options available if you don’t have suitable snaps of your own. For original pictures shot by a professional, why not book in a session with our photographer? Alternatively we can make use of stock photos from leading websites in this field. All of this can be built into the development package we orchestrate for clients so that the experience is truly hassle-free.

Have you built this type of website before?

When you work with KIJO you will have decades of experience in web design at your disposal. We’ve conjured up incredible sites of all types for businesses in almost every conceivable industry. So no matter the nature of your organisation or brand, you can rest assured that the Birmingham website design services that we offer will be the perfect fit.

Get In Touch With The KIJO Team

For breathtaking, boundary-pushing and recognised web design agency, Birmingham businesses need look no further than KIJO. Our team of experts will make sure your site is really wow-worthy, with our human-friendly approach to design keeping visitors enthralled while also crushing it in terms of SEO.

We really understand what makes this city tick, which is why we are perfectly positioned to provide design services for businesses and brands that want to combine local impact with world-leading levels of quality. So if you’re sick and tired of plain-looking, perfunctory design, contact us today and find out what a difference we can make to website design in Birmingham.

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