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KIJO Brings Augmented Reality to All WooCommerce Users for a Truly Immersive Shopping Experience

Kirk Thompson


Author Image: Kirk Thompson
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The days of 2D product images are coming to an end, just like VHS, film camera’s, dial up internet and the Do Do 2D images are being replaced and KIJO has taken a big stride in making this happen.

The Augmented Reality (AR) revolution is coming, you only have to look at the recent moves by Apple & Google to see what the future of AR looks like. Not to be left behind by these Unicorns KIJO have utilised Apple’s recent release of AR Quick Look to create a WooCommerce plugin that democratises AR for the 2.2 million websites using WooCommerce in 2018.

AR completely revolutionises the on-line shopping experience bridging the gap between the digital and real world. You can view an item in your own surroundings, resize, spin and examine the product from all angles through your mobile screen.

To see the full effects of the plugin you will not need to download any new app’s or put on a headset, you simply need to be using a Safari browser on an iOS 12 device and you can bring flat images to life!

Purchase the WooCommerce AR Quick Look plugin here:

To help you see how this all works KIJO have created a demo WooCommerce store with a number of pre-made 3D models available to view. Remember you need to be using an iOS 12 device and the Safari browser.

To use our Demo Site click here:

The KIJO AR plugin opens up AR to business’ of all sizes, giving business owners across the World the ability to offer their products in AR. By also offering 3D model creation services KIJO has removed all the barriers to entry for this revolutionary technology to become mainstream. The future is now and here at KIJO we are building it.

To transform your WooCommerce store into a 3D World you will need to install our AR plugin and have your products created as 3D models. To help with this process KIJO is working with a number of highly skilled 3D artists who can re-create even your most complex items into pixel perfect 3D models.

To request your 3D models please enter your details below and one of the KIJO team will contact you within 24 hours:

Purchase the WooCommerce AR Quick Look plugin here: