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Duel Gaming

A New Gaming Brand Igniting the UK E-sports Industry

The Esports industry in the UK is currently experiencing explosive growth. Innovative new gaming brand, Duel, is bringing a fresh approach to the industry. With a clear vision of the company’s aims, we set about building the brand, first deciding on the name, before designing the entire Duel brand aesthetic. 

The Challenge: Devise a Complete Brand Strategy

Our client’s ambition was to launch a new gaming brand bringing competitive esports to UK gamers. A thriving market in the US, our client wanted to launch a UK-based platform where gamers could compete for cash prizes. Before creating the platform and website, we needed to build a brand that resonated with their target market. Our goal was to position Duel alongside its popular international competitors but, crucially, set the brand apart as an exciting, new entrant to the market.

Our Solution: Fusing Nostalgia & Innovation

This project brought with it the exciting prospect of a completely blank canvas. The KIJO team set to work devising the entire brand strategy. No element was overlooked, from the colour palette and font choice to logo and icon creation. We put together comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure long-term visual cohesion.

Following the KIJO Build The Future methodology, we began with the Discovery phase, thoroughly researching the industry and our target market. Our research identified gamers aged 25-45 as Duel’s primary market. For inspiration we dug deep into the gaming archive, looking at retro games our target market would have grown up with. We found that dark colours were consistently used throughout the industry. We opted for a bold, contrasting colour palette that visually fit with the wider industry but still set Duel apart. 

The icon shape similarly has roots in gaming pads from the past, ranging from the SNES in the early 90s to a PlayStation 1 controller.

An integral part of Duel’s online gaming platform is the different gaming modes. We created 3 uniquely branded modes for Duel members: Matchmaking, Duel Mode and Tournament. Each one is instantly recognisable and unmistakably part of the Duel brand.  

Build The Future: Only the Beginning for Duel

While the web app is still in its BETA phase, user feedback on all elements, including visual design, has been overwhelmingly positive. Duel has an exciting future ahead of it, pushing the boundaries of UK gaming. We look forward to seeing future growth on the platform and reporting our results!

“Creative, commercial, well organised, proactive – terms which can’t often be applied to one organisation, but in the case of KIJO they describe the service we have received perfectly. So pleased with the work they have done for us in developing our e-commerce business and very excited about the future and continuing to work together. Thank you KIJO team.”

Helen Pedley
MD of Duel

Duel - Brand
Duel - Brand
Duel - Brand
Duel - Brand
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Duel - Brand
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