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Developing an Exciting New Brand for Futuristic Materials Startup

Nanoplexus create novel material platforms using 2D materials such as Graphene and MXene and the brand approached KIJO in need of a revamp for their online presence. 


Whilst the team were happy with their existing logo, they knew there was potential to create a new brand identity around it. They also required a new set of collateral and brand guidelines to be used throughout business operations.

A New Brand Identity

Nanoplexus wanted to build on their existing online presence by creating a new and exciting brand identity that would compliment their existing logo.

They were also in need of an array of collateral including business cards, stationary, pitch deck, brochure template, ID cards and mailers that could be used across the business.

The KIJO team also worked together with the brand to determine the need for new brand guidelines that would be used across internal and external communications, ensuring consistency throughout.

An Emphasised and Exciting Visual Brand

When creating the new brand identity for Nanoplexus, we knew we wanted to create something that would represent the complex yet exciting work of the brand.

The final wavy, abstract pattern contains overlapping strands to represent the complex nature of the materials used at a microscopic level.

We also introduced subtle angled corners on lines and shapes to create harmony with the shape of the existing logo, whilst a strong extended san-serif typeface called Rok Grotesk brings emphasis to key messaging and stands out against the detailed background.

The KIJO experts opted for a muted colour palette of black, grey and white with more vibrant secondary colours being used for sub brands.

Collateral to Boost Growth

The collateral we created for Nanoplexus showcases how all of the brand elements come together to great effect and will assist the brand with their business development and marketing in the future.

After optimising the brand’s key messaging, we introduced a tagline “Advanced Material Systems for a Sustainable Future” that was prominent throughout the collateral.

New brand guidelines will ensure consistency throughout communication detailing logo usage, colours, typography, graphical elements, messaging, application examples and templates.

These brand guidelines can now be used by the Nanoplexus team in conjunction with the brochure and pitch deck templates we created, allowing them to create new collateral in the future that’s in keeping with the brand identity.

The Results

Thanks to KIJO’s work, Nanoplexus now have a brand identity they are proud to shout about and grow their business with.

The brand now have solid foundations that they are able to use to create more powerful marketing across both digital and print channels.

Collateral to Launch and Promote New Brand

The collateral was designed to support both business operations and promotional efforts. A key feature of the collateral was the incorporation of the brand’s pattern, along with the use of angled edges. This helped to establish a visual identity for the brand and make it immediately recognizable. Additionally, the collateral prominently featured the brand’s new tagline, which served to communicate the brand’s message and values to its audience. 

Establishing Consistency and Cohesion

Creating a set of brand guidelines is an important step in establishing a consistent and cohesive brand identity. The guidelines include detailed information on logo usage, including specifications for size and placement, as well as information on the brand’s official colors, typography, and graphical elements. The guidelines also provide guidance on messaging and tone of voice, to ensure that all communications align with the brand’s overall message and values. Additionally, the guidelines include information on the appropriate usage and application of the brand across different mediums such as website, social media, packaging, and print material.

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