Mission & Purpose


Ideas and people have the potential to change the world and sometimes it requires a helping hand to get started. The Koncept Cup is here to nurture entrepreneurial spirit through world class support, mentoring and marketing know how.

Our mission is to work with people from all walks of life, who have an idea they believe in and who want to see it come to life!

Tell us about your idea

How do I get involved?

  1. Post a video or images that explain your idea to Instagram with the hashtag #KonceptCup18
  2. If you prefer email or your Instagram account is private then send your idea to konceptcup@KIJO.co
  3. Get your friends to vote for their favourite idea (hopefully yours!) at kijo.co.uk/koncept-cup
See it come to life

What can I win?

  • Free website or app, branding and marketing assets.
  • Work with industry experts to build your idea and see it come to life.
  • Gain Mentorship from the judging panel and the KIJO team.
  • Support in Gaining Funding, Business Plans, Marketing and Much More.
The Judges
Kirk Thompson
As one of the Founders of KIJO Kirk knows what it takes to create and sustain a new business venture. Kirk’s knowledge makes him a very strong member of the judging panel.
Jordan Thompson
Jordan is the other founder of KIJO. He has been entrepreneurial since a very young age. Starting his first business at the age of 11.
University of Birmingham
Educational instituations are the source of a lot of great ideas and innovations. It makes sense a great university like Birmingham should be involved in judging the ideas.
Marc Austin
Marc is an experienced Graphic Designer and keen member of staff at the University Of Wolverhampton. He has a keen eye for creativity and detail.
Brett Tear
Brett Tear is a young entrepeneur who does what very few can, makes a living and business on youtube, with a strong grasp of social media and modern tech he’s an ideal board member
Oliver Ashford
Oliver is the managing director of Park IT, a global SaaS product provider, currently Park IT has most major airports in the UK under their belt and is expanding globally.
Mitchell Thompson
Mitchell is a named partner of Mitchell Adam recruitment - a powerhouse of financial recruitment. Mitchell has over a decades worth of experience in starting, running and scaling a business.
Adam Butler
Adam is the other named partner at Mitchell Adam. He has over 10 years experience as a business owner and the recruitment sector.
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Partners - University Of Wolverhampton
Partners - ParkIT
Partners - Mitchell Adam
Partners - KIJO
Partners - University of Birmingham