WooCommerce AR Quick Look

• Showcase any WooCommerce product in AR
• Perfect for increasing sales & conversions
• Easy install & set-up
• Includes 12 months customer support


for 1 website

£99 for 3 websites

£249 for 10 websites

AR completely revolutionises the on-line shopping experience bridging the gap between the digital and real world. You can view an item in your own surroundings, resize, spin and examine the product from all angles through your mobile screen.


All Products in AR

Showcase any of your WooCommerce products in AR

Easy Setup

No technical knowledge required just install the plugin, upload your 3D models and your shop will start working with AR Quick Look

Quick Look Tab

Adding your 3d models is easy when editing or adding your products through the new Quick Look tab

Available Site Wide

Provide the Quick Look option wherever your products appear not just on the product page

Quick Look Shortcode

Use our handy shortcode to place AR Quick Look experiences anywhere in your theme

Show Variations

Add Quick Look models to your product variations and show each type of your product in Augmented Reality


Bring Your WooCommerce Store to Life With AR Quick Look

Benefits of AR

3D Experience

Provide an innovative and 3D experience in your eCommerce store

True Detail

Allow your customers to see the true detail of your products


Create a truly immersive shopping expereince

True Scale

Let your customers experience products in 3D to get an idea of size and how they will look in the real world

Better Conversion

Increase conversions by allowing your visitors to try products before they buy them

Industry Leading Tech

Add features that Shopify and Amazon have recently released and be ahead of the curve


Yes this plugin has been built specifically for WooCommerce stores. Please keep an eye out for KIJO’s future plugin releases at shop.kijo.co.uk or sign up to our newsletter for regular KIJO updates.

No the plugin uses Apple’s AR Quick Look technology which is currently only available on iOS 12 devices.

No the plugin works direct from install so you do not need to be a developer or have coding knowledge. The plugin is fully functionally once downloaded and installed.

The plugin can be used on ipads that support Apple’s AR quick Look technology. Currently these devices include – iPad Pro (all models), iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation).

The original license is for 12 months, we will remind you when your license period is coming to an end. You do not have to re-new your license and you can cancel at anytime during the original 12 months.

We have tested the WooCommerce AR Quick Look plugin with a range of themes and are confident the plugin will work great. Our support team is on hand should you run into any conflict errors.

AR Quick Look allows anyone with a compatible device to view items in Augmented Reality. It bridges the gap between the on-line World and the real World allowing users to view 3D models through their device screen in the real World environment.

You will need a 3D artist to create your products as 3D models for AR. KIJO are working with a number of 3D artists to provide cost effective 3D models of a huge variety of products. To speak to use about 3D model creation please click on the following link: https://kijo.co.uk/contact/

There is no limit to the products that can be displayed in AR, we can turn any item of any size into a 3D model viewable in AR. There is no limit to what can be produced and that’s what makes this technology so exciting.

As long as all your products have been created in 3D models then you can have as many products as you like all with the same plugin.

Best practice is always to download and use the latest version of WooCommerce and we always recommend doing this. The minimum requirement is WooCommerce 3.0.

The plugin is simple and easy to install, no coding knowledge is needed and you do not need to be a developer. 

Bring Your WooCommerce Store to Life With AR Quick Look