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Becketts Farm

With eight decades of history behind them, the people at Becketts Farm are committed to growing great food and getting local residents in Wythall interested in farming.

Another aspect of the update was to adapt the aesthetics and branding, but in a way that did not diverge entirely from their older web presence. We responded to this by retaining the look of the old site, while applying some small but significant changes to give it a contemporary feel and a unique appeal. Combined with our tailor made support solution, the update was an assured success.

The Brief

To refresh the old site in terms of design and layout, we revised the spacing of key elements to give everything a bit more wiggle room. We also pared back the number of textures on show in order to preserve the brand’s ethos of providing authentic local produce. From a slightly cluttered design to one with a cleaner, leaner look, our work made a real impact.

Another decision made during the development process was that it made sense to highlight the land managed by Becketts Farm itself. We integrated agricultural imagery snapped on its gorgeous grounds in order to identify what makes it so special.

Customers can browse products and make purchases on the site thanks to the integration of the SagePay e-commerce system. We tested this fully before launch to avoid any unforeseen issues emerging.

The need to meet the standards for data security laid out in the GDPR was central to the revamp of the website. Visitors can now shop with confidence, safe in the knowledge that Becketts Farm has their security and privacy in mind.

Beckett's Farm aimed to migrate their current website from Concrete5 to WordPress. This allowed them to become GDPR compliant, upgrade to use PHP7 and modernise their website. We kept the core elements that made it feel like a Beckett's product but with slight tweaks to make something truly spectacular.

Mike O'Raw

Lead Graphic Designer

The final aspect of our partnership with Becketts Farm was the provision of a maintenance solution for the Wordpres platform on which the new site is based. KIJO keeps the site protected with frequent updates, while also backing up critical data to ensure that it can be restored in under 36 hours if disaster strikes.

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