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Crowne Plaza

A fresh UX and UI aimed at making it easier for customers to park when arriving at hotels operated by this brand.

We were commissioned to create a cutting edge interface for the parking kiosks found at many Crowne Plaza locations across the country. We had to come up with a concept that retained the brand’s identity while offering users a streamlined, straightforward experience.

Before getting started on the designs we conducted a series of user interviews and gathering information around current self service systems. Next we mapped out the user journey from the first touchpoint until the final action. We reviewed existing solutions in the marketplace and researched common complaints customers have when using self service kiosks.

User Experience Research

In order to direct our work on the UX, we interviewed prospective users and investigated other self-service platforms that are currently encountered in other contexts. Then we built a framework to track how users would move through the system, from their first interaction to the last button press. By examining rival solutions, we were able to establish where issues lie and work to overcome them so that users would have a more satisfactory experience.

In addition to defining the way that the self-service software would operate, Crowne Plaza also asked us to come up with a rendering of what the kiosk itself would look like, complete with branded elements and ergonomic dimensions. We chose to mock up a design that tied in with the aesthetics of the interface, while also sticking to the requirements that the firm lays down in terms of branding.

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