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S – Health Assistant

Voice-activated virtual assistant for the provision of bespoke healthcare advice.

Humans are constantly communicating with one another and the most intuitive way to convey anything meaningful is with the spoken word. Speaking out is especially important in a healthcare setting, as it helps professionals make accurate diagnoses.

S is an intelligent, automated stand-in for a real-world doctor or consultant. It is a personal assistance with a difference, offering users the opportunity to talk about how they feel, describe the ill effects they are suffering and receive bespoke guidance in response. It also acts as a useful tool for helping patients tell human specialists exactly what is wrong, leading to a more streamlined treatment process.

The concept for S came about with voice controls at the core, not only to benefit users, but also to help general practitioners harness information about a suspected illness upfront, before the patient has even arrived.

Accessibility in health

It was clear that accessibility should be at the top of the agenda when designing S, since the app needs to be simple to use for as wide an audience as possible. Indeed many illnesses or conditions rob patients of their ability to speak in the first place, so the interface had to take this into account. Likewise the app could not solely provide audio responses, as this would exclude those with heading issues. Traditional touschreen inputs were also added to account for this, as well as on-screen advice and prompts to convey information clearly and concisely. Users will not miss a thing, nor be hindered in their attempts to tell S about their health issues in detail.

Another perk of the app is the way it harnesses push notifications to keep users up to date with doctors’ appointments, medicine-taking schedules and other healthcare-related obligations. This ties into the personalisation features that are baked into S; it is even smart enough to make adjustments to the way it operates according to the habits that the user displays. This allows it to improve its performance as time passes, becoming even more potent and practical.

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