3D Product Builder By KIJO

The 3d product builder is a platform dedicated to allowing it’s users create their own custom products, our first version of the product builder focused on custom rugs for Crucial Trading.

3D Builder Laptop Two

Thousands Of Options

We designed the product builder to handle any combination of different options and choices. The simple UI allows you to adjust the product and immediately see the new product in a 3d environment.

3D Builder Product Options

Advanced 3D Rendering

The product builder uses detailed 3-dimensional models of products. Our advanced 3d rendering engine creates accurate details and shadows. Your customers can preview before they buy and create their perfect product.


3D Builder - Advanced Rendering

See Fine Detail

Our realistic builder allows you to get in close and personal, seeing every little detail. even down to the individual fibers of a rug.

3D Builder - Fine Detail

View from Any Angle

The product builder allows you to rotate to our preset angles or gives you free reign with full click and drag control

3D Builder - Any Angle

Awards Recognition

The 3d builder has been recognised for its realism and interactivity. Providing an exciting and unique way for companies to showcase their products.

Drum Design Awards 2017

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