eCommerce & eLearning Combined

Spearhead eLearning is an eCommerce and eLearning platform. Customers can purchase courses and then start their study all from the same platform.

Spearhead eCommerce - Home Devices

API Connection

The Spearhead platform connects directly to the Courses API and Highfield API. This allows sales and course purchases to be synced across different platforms seamlessly.

Spearhead eCommerce - API Connection

Bespoke eCommerce Design

We created a design that reflected Spearheads distinctive branding. A bespoke ecommerce experience focused around their course catalogue.

A Leading and Trusted platform

As an eLearning platform we had to show that Spearhead was both a leading platform for learning but also a trusted platform, the website heavily features their accreditations and reasons to use spearhead.

SH eCommerce - Trusted Platform

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