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Bespoke App Development with KIJO

Apps don’t need to be overcomplicated or packed with features. Today’s approach to app design is about creating practical, enjoyable experiences that can be seamlessly integrated into users’ everyday lives.

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Put your brand at the fingertips of your customers

Thanks to the advancement of mobile devices and apps, we now have the ability to carry the services we need in our pockets. Currently the combined number of apps across iOS and Android is past the 4 million mark – and that number is continuing to grow.

Apps can be used to benefit businesses across a wide range of sectors – whether consumer or B2B. An app could be a portable and handy extension of your main product or service that can be accessed on the go. You could use apps to enable better communication across colleagues in separate locations. Or maybe it’s the app itself that sits at the heart of your business offering.

Apps are all about convenience – giving you access to a service when and where you need it. Companies that develop apps are showing their customers that they are current, inclusive and dedicated to meeting their lifestyle needs. With an app, you brand is always on hand and become a habit people return to – on their commute, in their job or in their social life.

Got a great idea? KIJO can make it happen.

If you have an idea for a really cool lifestyle app, or an app that could simplify your business operations, our team of expert coders can turn it into a polished product.

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The purpose of an app is to make an aspect of life more fun, simpler or less stressful. Putting in the groundwork during the development stages is vital to making sure your app hits the mark. Our developers are a fussy lot when it comes to coding and we’re proud of being pernickety programmers! We’ve already developed a number of apps, so we have plenty of ideas and inspiration about what makes a successful one.

Our developers have the skills to build apps on a number of platforms including Apple iOS, Apple macOS, Apple tvOS, Apple watchOS, Android, Windows and Ubuntu.

We can also help you decide on the best platform for you, whether that’s iOS, Android or another language that gives your app the freedom to work across any device. KIJO is part of the Apple Developer programme, giving us access to some of the most advanced coding perks for iOS, in addition to beta testing.

As your app gradually comes to life, we’ll keep you updated with how things are progressing, and use advanced analytics to assess its market potential. That way, you can learn exactly how well it’s being received, and what could be changed along the way.

UX and UI design make KIJO’s apps a joy to use

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Our team have the coding skills to build any app you can dream up. Plus we’re specialists in UX (user experience) and UI (User Interface) design.

Using our own experience as well as real-world industry insights, our designers and developers will analyse the interactions, graphics and functions of your app. So you can be sure your finished app will be beautiful, functional and enjoyable for your users.

Case study: Move It Or Lose It

These days we’re all concerned about health and fitness – and there are a huge variety of clubs, classes and crazes available for people to get involved with. But for older people, trying something new or starting an exercise regime can be daunting. They could be unused to exercise, have limitations to their mobility or they may simply feel nervous about starting something new in later life.

Move it or Lose it! was founded to banish these barriers to exercise, and motivate older people to keep active. Since it started, the company has grown to a national brand and now offers a range of fitness products, fitness DVDs and resources to help older people keep fit at home.

Our brief from Move it or Lose it! was to create an app that would help grow the engagement of their service users. It needed to connect users with classes, open up discussions within a community of like-minded people, and help increase motivation by providing a way to track fitness progress.

In our initial meetings the client was buzzing with ideas and challenges – which really got us thinking. Their application needed to be designed from scratch and feature a way for users to connect with their trainers – as well as providing a forum for class members to share feedback. Data capture was key to the app, but it also needed to be simple to use for older people – so that they wouldn’t be put off at any stage of their fitness journey.

We love a challenge. Enthused by the client’s energy we set about creating a user-friendly app to work across iOS and Android platforms. Now, Move it or Lose it! clientele can use the app to track their fitness progress and provide class feedback after they’ve exercised. As well as being a usable and valuable tool for the service users, the app is also proving a vital source of information for the company in meeting the needs of their demographic.

The app we created helps keeps older people motivated and engaged, making them feel that they are part of community and that their needs are valued. It’s exactly what Move It Or Lose It set out to do and they were thrilled with what we delivered.

Tell KIJO your great app idea & get started right away!

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