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Your brand is the public image of who and what you are as a company. It’s more than just a logo. It’s your name, your visual identity, the way you speak and where your customers see you. It sums up the product or service you’re selling, tells people how you do business and expresses the values you have as a company.

Brand Creation

Creating the brand for your business is one of the most crucial (not to mention most exciting) parts of your marketing strategy. And it’s something KIJO’s designers love getting stuck into! A great brand will help you get noticed, attract the customers you want – and ensure you stick in their minds. So you’re the first company they think of next time they need your product or service.

When creating a brand our starting point is always you. We’ll get together over a cuppa to find out what your business does, the values you have and your idea of the perfect customer. This gives us the starting point we need to crack on with designing your identity. We can create every element of a brand, from logo design through to brand guidelines, website and social media presence.

We draw our inspiration from a number of places. It could be your name, your values, the product you’re selling or design styles that appeal to your demographic. Our talented design team will first come up with some initial visuals to show you. After chatting about which designs you like and why, they’ll take forward your favourite and hone it into a polished look and feel for your company.

Brand guidelines

It takes time, energy and investment (both emotional and financial) to create a brand. So seeing it being used in the wrong way can be frustrating to say the least. This can happen when an employee – or even an agency – decides to use off-brand fonts, colours or images in promotions. A clear brand guidelines document will ensure that any person or company that produces marketing collateral for you will uphold the look and feel you’ve spent time in perfecting.

Having a consistent brand is vital – not only to making you look professional but also to making sure you’re remembered. Familiarity is something consumers like. So to keep them coming back for more, you need to make sure that all your marketing (digital and printed) has seamless, beautiful branding. The best way to make sure this happens is to have a brand guidelines document. This way, everyone who creates collateral for you will know the colours, fonts, tone and style to use.

We’ve designed hundreds of brands for our clients. For each one we create, we live and breathe the company values to make sure the final brand is spot on. Because of this, we completely understand the importance of protecting all that hard work after the brand has been released into the wild! Plus, as a design agency, we know how to make sure your guidelines are clear and usable for external suppliers. Whether you need a brand and guidelines built from scratch, or you want to bring some cohesion back to one that’s lost its way – we can help!

Typically, brand guidelines are created in a simple-to-follow PDF format. This will usually include a short explainer about your brand’s identity, as well the technical design elements of the brand – like colour references, fonts/typefaces and spacing considerations. We’ll also include recommendations for logo usage – such as inverted colourways, overlays and icon formats.


Businesses change continuously. You may come to a point where you realise that the brand you created at the start of your venture doesn’t reflect where your business is now. Rebranding is about redesigning your visual identity to better suit your business. It’s also about ensuring that the changes you’re making are communicated to customers and shareholders in a clear and timely manner.

Rebranding is a big deal – both for you and for your customers. You need to get it right, and that means making sure every part of the process comes together at the right time without any hiccups.

KIJO has a team of designers, developers and marketing experts – in short, every skill you need to manage your rebranding process. We take pride in our branding designs – so you can be sure your new brand will be memorable, beautiful and functional.

The first step is to talk to you about why you want to change your existing brand. Do you want a completely new look? Do you want to create a suite of sub-brands? Or perhaps you simply want to refresh your existing brand with a more contemporary feel. With your goals in the forefront of our minds, we’ll design a couple of different concepts to get you thinking. After you’ve selected your favourite, we’ll hone it into a new brand that will meet (and surpass) your expectations.

If required, we can update all your marketing materials with the new brand – including your website. We can even create a new website to tie in with the launch of your new brand. And if you really want to make a big deal of your fresh new look, our marketing experts can manage email and social media campaigns for you.

A change will do you good: updating Lakeside’s brand

Lakeside are a premium packaging company for the foodservice and retail sectors. They asked us to help inject a more high-end feel into their current brand, which they felt didn’t live up to their premium standards. Lakeside asked us for something more sleek and seductive – so our design team got to work on some ideas to elevate the existing brand to something more desirable.

We put forward two ideas as to how Lakeside could update their brand. The first was a simple refresh of the current logo. We made some small changes to the colour scheme and typeface. It was similar enough to the old brand so as not to alienate the client – but freshened up just enough to give a more luxury feel.

But we wanted to push the boundaries further – by showing Lakeside an evolution of the current brand with significant updates. We took the idea behind the existing logo and reworked it into something new, sleek and modern.

To meet the brief of creating a more seductive brand, our designers introduced subtle colour gradients – think mood lighting! We changed the shape and appearance of the logo’s central droplet graphic and replaced the chunky, friendly font with a slimmer, more high-end style.

For the final touch, we wanted to showcase the full potential of the new brand.  We presented Lakeside with additional iconography that could be used on the new website, all in the style of the new logo.

And the result? Our client loved the way we’d evolved their brand and now we’re working on incorporating this luxury new look into their website. Check back soon to see the finished product.

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