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Cloud Hosting

We believe cloud computing is the future

In a nutshell, hosting refers to the place your website or software is stored. It might be on your own company servers – or it could be online in the cloud, an increasingly popular choice for businesses. We think cloud computing is the future because of its unlimited potential – and now we’re helping more and more of our clients tap into that potential.

Cloud computing – the contemporary choice for businesses

Websites and computer programs used to be hosted on physical services with companies’ office buildings. And for some businesses this continues to be their hosting solution. But server hosting is not without drawbacks. For instance, servers in offices can only store so much. When space nears its limit, programs slow down and the server can even fail, causing downtime. Buying additional server space is costly and server problems can increase the stress of an already busy IT team. Plus they’re more susceptible to cyber attacks.

So how about the cloud? By hosting your website in the cloud you can free up office storage space for other IT systems. Cloud hosting can save you the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware – and reduce the pressure on your IT department.

Hosting that bends to your business

Sometimes websites need to be changed or developed to respond to the needs of your business. Hosting in the cloud means you can adjust your hosting requirements at any time. And that means you only need to pay for what you use. Need extra space for a set time period? No problem, just increase your package and then reduce it again when you no longer need it.

And if you’re only using what you need, no energy is wasted. That means better efficiency for your business and higher environmental standards.

Unlimited storage potential helps you push the boundaries

There’s no limit to the amount of space you can use with cloud hosting. So even if you’ve dreamt up an ambitious website or software project, cloud hosting will be able to support it.

Spend less time maintaining hardware

Cloud hosting takes the pressure off your in house resources. When you host your website in the cloud, dedicated technicians manage the software and security updates for you. Not only does this reduce the risk of downtime, but it means that your already stretched IT team can get on with other tasks.

Faster, more reliable hosting

Cloud servers are powered by several physical hosting networks, whereas a company server is just one. So with cloud hosting, if one server goes down there will be another to take the load. That makes cloud hosting a far more reliable option for your website.

Load balancers in the Cloud software mean that your web traffic is spread evenly across the network. If your website receives a spike in activity, resources are directed to it. This removes the threat of any slowing or downtime when your site is at its most busy.

Increased security and peace of mind

The UK datacentres used by our hosting packages have extremely high levels of security – both physical and digital. A team of expert engineers are on hand to continuously monitor and update the cloud infrastructure. This means that when you host in the cloud, your website is covered by the latest in web security measures.

Hosting software in the cloud takes away many of the risks associated with hosting or storing data on a machine. A lost laptop containing sensitive information can be a big worry. Not with the cloud. Data kept in the cloud is safe and accessible – and can even be remotely wiped from lost of out-of-use machines to stop it getting into the wrong hands.

KIJO’s cloud hosting packages

KIJO offers a range of hosting packages for business of all shapes and sizes – because we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Our developers are clued up when it comes to keeping your site performing at it’s best. We’ll monitor your site and apply software and security updates to keep it secure from hacking.

For small businesses who need to host a single, simple website, our starter package is ideal. Included in the package are email support, uptime monitoring and daily back ups which are stored for seven days.

For additional storage and the option to host an unlimited number of websites our dedicated cloud hosting package is best. This also comes with one day email and telephone support.

Bespoke cloud package is fully tailored to your needs and is perfect for ambitious businesses and web projects. Hosting is managed by professional cloud engineers and same day support is included.

We offer a range of additional services as well as our hosting packages:

Maintenance updates help to keep your website secure and make sure it’s performing optimally. There are negative consequences for your Google ranking if your website gets hacked because of outdated software – your domain name will be blacklisted and you’ll find your emails heading straight for the junk folder.

Our maintenance services include updates to CMS (WordPress)? as well as updates to Plugins. We test all updates on a duplicate site to check they’re working before we put them live.

We can provide DDOS protection for dedicated and bespoke packages to keep your server online and operating fully even when it’s been targeted by attacks. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and refers to attacks that attempt to deplete a network’s resources so that genuine users can’t gain access. 

Every day, several times a day, automated bots try to gain access to servers and websites. Our security package features security improvements to websites and web hosting to protect against attacks. This includes:

  • Implementing security improvements to WordPress?
  • Installing and maintaining WordPress security plugin (including admin area security)
  • Server password brute force prevention and lockout?
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system?
  • Install Firewall?
  • Anti virus scans once a month

Media heavy websites can become sluggish. Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service helps to prevent this. When a website’s images and media files are served from a worldwide CDN, they load from the user’s closest location. This means that images and media load much more quickly.

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