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Email Marketing

Persuade customers to click – with targeted, tailored emails

Executed well, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers. But in this increasingly competitive area, it’s becoming more and more difficult to get your message noticed. Today’s best email marketing campaigns combine strategy, analysis, great design and valuable content to get that highly sought-after inbox standout. And how can you get your hands on this winning combination? Ask the experts at KIJO!

Email design

A brilliant design will help your email stand out against the competition. Whether it’s wowing customers with stunning product imagery, or laying out information in a clear, digestible format – your email design needs to strike a chord with the recipient from the moment they open it. If it doesn’t, it will go straight to the trash. KIJO can custom design your emails to make them appeal to your target audience, bringing together your branding and messaging in a completely bespoke template. Having designed your email template, we can build the HTML within your chosen email provider – so all you need to do it hit ‘send’.

List growth

An email campaign is nothing without a strong list. First things first, you need to make sure everyone on your list has agreed to be there. If they haven’t, not only are you breaking data protection regulations – but you’ll simply end up annoying potential customers. You may already have a list of subscribers that you want to grow, or you could be starting from scratch. We can help with effective (and legal) lead generation techniques to build and grow your list with relevant targets.

List segmentation

Gone are the days of blanket emails to your full database. People are individuals – and in today’s data rich world a ‘one size fits all’ approach just isn’t going to cut it. We can analyse your data and create segments that will enable you to reach the right people with the right message. Segmentation could be campaign specific, or sorting general groups across your database. By drilling down different segments we can then begin to build targeted, personalised campaigns.

Campaign creation

KIJO’s email marketing experts can help plan and deliver your email campaign from start to finish. From list building and segmentation, to campaign strategy, design and content. Whether you want to run a short campaign to promote a sale or launch, or you’re planning for the long term, having clear goals and strategy is key to any email campaign’s success.

Results monitoring & analysis

As with any aspect of your marketing, you need to know which aspects of your email campaigns have and haven’t worked. Otherwise how can you make them better next time? For every email campaign we manage, we carry out testing and analysis to inform current and future campaigns.

During a live campaign, we continuously monitor results – investigating which subject lines, designs or segments have achieved the best response. This means that throughout the campaign we can keep improving its performance to make sure your goals are met. And our support doesn’t stop there – because after your campaign has finished we’ll provide a detailed report for you.

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