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Graphic Design

The best graphic design brings together style, colour, font, layout and imagery in a way that is not only stunning to look at – but effectively promotes your product or service. It’s a skill that takes years to perfect. Done well, it can make your brand memorable, unique and desirable to your customers. Done badly, and you risk fading into the background.  

Get creative with KIJO

KIJO offer a complete graphic design service for businesses of any size. Are you a new business in need of a brand that will get you noticed? Then we can create everything from your logo and style guide to website and brochures. Or are you an established business looking to modernise your look? We can help with everything from subtle brand refreshes to complete transformations. Or maybe you simply want to produce some marketing collateral within your current brand – in that case, we can work with your style guide to create bold and beautiful design that compliments your existing promotions.

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Our designers have experience in everything from brochures, business cards and stationery to apps, animations, websites and even office wall designs! There’s nothing they won’t try their hand at. If it can be made more beautiful, more functional and more noticeable, our creative design team are all over it.

The importance of exceptional design

A unified visual statement is vital if you want your business to be remembered. A potential customer can come across your brand either physically or in a digital context. The more interactions someone has with your brand, the stronger its place in their minds. To attract and retain customers, it’s essential that your marketing is clear, consistent, appealing and recognizable across all media.

Brand Design

Branding your company is one of the most crucial – and most exciting – parts of your overall marketing plan. And here at KIJO it’s something we love getting stuck into. Good branding will help you attract the customers you want – and ensure you stay in their mind for the next time they need your product or service.

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Our approach to branding starts with you, our customer. We’ll get together over a coffee and find out who you are as a business, what’s at the heart of what you do, and the kind of audience you want to attract. Our design team can then get to work creating the elements that will make up your visual identity – from logo and brand guidelines to your stationery and online presence.

Logo Design

Your logo is the visual symbol of your company. So of course it needs to look fantastic. But clever logo design is also about bringing together the core elements of who you are and what you do in a concise, attractive and memorable way.

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We work with you to discover the mission and ethos of your company – and design a logo that sums up it all up. We carefully choose colours, textures, shapes and fonts that will attract your target market. We’ll present you with options to choose from – then hone your selected graphic until you’re 100% happy.

Website Design

Websites are often the first place a potential customer will come into contact with a brand. So it has a vital role to play in telling your target market who you are.

Whether you want to create a brand new website for a business launch, or you want to update a website that’s stuck in the page – our web design services cover everything you need. From creating initial wireframes, visualising and building the site, through to testing and monitoring the finished product.

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The KIJO team have years of experience in website design – and a portfolio of happy customers and enviable stats to prove our merit! We know that web design needs to evolve as fast as the internet – so we make sure we’ve got our finger on the pulse when it comes to cutting edge trends. With both designers and developers in house, you can be sure your KIJO-designed site will be both beautiful and clever.

Flyer & brochure design

While a substantial amount of marketing now takes place online, printed materials can still be a powerful and effective medium for all types of business.

Flyers can be distributed through a door drop, at an event or at your business location – putting information about your products and services directly into the hands of your audience.

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Brochures showcase product information in a detailed and attractive way and are a useful take-away for customers or clients. And a glossy brochure packed with jaw-dropping images brings a premium quality to your product.

KIJO’s designers are equally talent in offline and online design. Plus we can help you achieve seamless branding across media for maximum effect.

Business Card Design

business card service design

First impressions count – and a sleek and stylish business card designed by KIJO can help you look professional at your next networking event. Want to stand out? Business cards don’t have to be boring! There are plenty of ways to add individuality, such as an alternative shape or size, or by using printing techniques like embossing and spot varnish.

A change can do you good: refreshing Lakeside’s brand

Lakeside are premium packaging company for the foodservice and retail sectors. They came to us with a brief to update their current brand, which they felt lack the upmarket feel they wanted for their business. Lakeside asked for a brand refresh that was more seductive – so our design team got to work elevating the existing brand to something more high-end and desirable.

We put forward two ideas for how the brand could be updated. For the first, we kept to something familiar – with small changes to the typeface and a new colour scheme. The idea was that the refresh would be enough to show the company in a new, more luxurious light, without alienating loyal customers.

As well as the subtle refresh, we showed lakeside a stronger evolution of the brand – because sometimes change can be a good thing! We took the idea behind their existing logo and reworked it to create a sleek and contemporary graphic.

Lakeside’s brief was for a seductive look – so our design team decided to emulate mood lighting with the use of subtle gradients. We kept the logo’s symbol of a droplet, but tweaked the shape and appearance. The existing font was chunky and had an informal feel, so we replaced it with a slimmer, more elegant font.

And for the final touch…. We really wanted to showcase what could be done with Lakeside’s new brand, so we went the extra mile by creating additional iconography for the website in the same style as the logo.

Lakeside were really impressed with the brand evolution we showed them. Right now we’re in the process of revamping their website with the luxury new look – so watch this space!

Looking for an outstanding graphic design service? Get in touch with the KIJO team today.

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