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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targeted online marketing – for clicks that convert

Want your website on page one of search results? Of course you do. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to do it, especially if don’t have time to wait for your SEO to work its magic in organic search. PPC can seem confusing, complicated and competitive – luckily the experts at KIJO are on hand to help you get clicks that convert.

How PPC works

PPC advertising works by paying for adverts to appear on search engine pages against key words and phrases relevant to your business. It’s called pay per click because you pay a fee each time your advert is clicked on.

You determine the amount you spend on a PPC campaign. You can set a top spend limit and once this has been reached, your ads will no longer be displayed through the search engine.

When setting up your PPC campaign, you bid for the keywords or phrases you’d like you advert to show up against on search pages. This is what will determine how much you pay per click. The price can vary widely depending on the amount of competition there is. For instance, a very broad or popular keyword will have a higher price per click than one that is local, sector specific or long tail.

If you haven’t delved into the world of PPC before, it can be hard to know where to start – and how to avoid rookie mistakes! That’s why it’s a good idea to ask for help from the experts (like the marketing brains here at KIJO). We’ll help identifying the keywords and phrases that will generate relevant traffic to your site, whilst providing the best value and ROI.

Why pay to get seen in search?

You’re probably already using SEO techniques to boost your performance in organic search results. And so you should be. So why pay for advertising? In fact, there are plenty of reasons to combine PPC and SEO to maximise results.

To start with, SEO results are not seen overnight. It takes a while for search engines to find, catalogue and rate all those blog articles, landing pages, videos and other content you’ve created. So if you’re launching a new product or company, you can’t rely on SEO to get instant business. PPC can give you a prominent place on SERPs while you wait for your efforts in organic search to come into their own – so you can start generating traffic right away.

PPC can also be a useful tool for measuring the effectiveness of your digital marketing. It allows you to clearly track the keywords and phrases that have generated the most traffic to your sit, or led to the most conversions. Knowing this information can pay a big part in informing future SEO and PPC campaigns.

When you’re running a time-sensitive campaign or a promotion with a short time frame, you need to make sure you’re at the top of the search results. Unlike SEO, PPC is guaranteed to put you there.

How KIJO ensures that every click is well spent

The key to a successful PPC campaign is research. Our digital experts make sure your campaign is built on solid foundations by employing a toolbox of techniques to drill down the keywords that will attract your target audience.

Drawing on years of experience, we can also help select niche, local and sector specific terms that will have maximum impact without the price tag.

As well as keyword research, the team at KIJO can support your PPC campaign by creating bespoke landing pages for your adverts. With a dedicated landing page assigned to each ad, you can drive your customers towards a specific goal and improve conversions.

Throughout your PPC campaign, we’ll closely monitor all interactions with your adverts and use any information we gain to inform the next steps. PPC campaigns can be fluid, meaning we can change or add keywords as learning develops to ensure you’re spending your money in the most useful way. This includes pinpointing any keywords that are not leading to conversions.

Case study: Revealing results for private investigations company

Reveal PI is a private investigations firm that began in Birmingham and has now grown to become a nationwide success. Much of this growth can be attributed to the PPC campaigns KIJO have run for Reveal over the years.

Reveal PI weren’t sure if PPC was going to work for them. So to begin with they were only willing to commit a small budget of £100 a month to test the waters. Confident we could win the firm over to the benefits of PPC advertising, we took on the challenge with our typical energy and determination.

The strategy we came up with was to assign several bespoke ad groups for Reveal PI’s online marketing. For each group, we allocated terms that were specific and local to them. By using targeted groups and niche phrases we were able to help Reveal PI get the most for their money, and generate good quality leads.

Reveal PI were well and truly won over with the results of the PPC campaign. The AdWords strategy we ran for them achieved an impressive ROI of £4-5 for every £1 spent. In fact, Reveal PI were so bowled over by the results PPC advertising could deliver for them, that they are now investing around £2,000 a month in PPC campaigns covering five regional areas.

Most of Reveal’s new business now comes through digital marketing and they have attributed a 100% increase of revenue for the business to PPC activity alone. Enough said.

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