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Social Media

Combining strategy and shareability for social success

Social media is an integral part of people’s lives. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest – and many more apps – have become social and professional communication tools that many of us can’t do without. Which is why it’s more important than ever for marketers to tap into the potential of these online spaces.

Is social media marketing right for my business?

Once upon a time, social media was reserved for students. But nowadays there’s a platform or space for every social and professional group in our society. That means there’s an audience out there ready and waiting to discover products and businesses in your sector, whatever that may be. Social media is a cost-effective and wide-reaching way to tell relevant audiences about what you do – as well as allowing happy customers and social influencers to do some of the work for you!

Build a community around your brand

Before the internet came along, people would tell others about products they liked through word of mouth. That’s basically what social media is to the digital age.

People with shared interests, hobbies, professions or political opinions create virtual communities across social media platforms – allowing them to connect with like-minded associates. This could be anything from a group of professionals sharing industry insight on LinkedIn, to a collection of fans following a particular celebrity on Twitter or Instagram.

What does this mean for social media marketing? These online communities provide ready made target groups for the product or service you are selling. Plus by engaging with them you can learn more about what your demographic is looking for. Social media can help build awareness and trust through peer review, as well as boosting the authority of your brand in your sector by sharing informative and valuable content.

Getting social with KIJO

We’re a sociable lot here at KIJO and our marketing experts know all about social media platforms new and old. Over the last few years we’ve tried and tested various ways of cracking the social media market – and we think we’ve got pretty good at it. KIJO’s team can create blogs, videos, animation and articles that your audience will love to share. Plus we can advise on the social media platforms most appropriate to your industry, as well as how to use paid advertising to boost your results.

Social media management

You probably know that you should be using social media. But perhaps you’re not sure where to start. Or maybe you’ve tested the waters without much success. The trouble is that many companies post content in an unstructured way, in the hope that it will generate a buzz – only to see their efforts fizzle out into disappointment.

The key to harnessing the power of social media is to put together a strong plan – identify who you’re targeting, what you want to achieve, and how you’re going to do it. From creating awareness around a new brand, building your reputation or driving sales, KIJO can put together a strategy for your business that will deliver real, measurable results. We’ll then help you put strategy into action – overseeing all your social media activity to make sure your approach is clear, consistent and effective.

Social media advertising

Social media marketing has advanced significantly since the early days of social networks. Now platforms are packed with insight tools that help marketers to target very specifically. You can select your audience from factors including location, gender, age, education and even their likes and dislikes.

KIJO’s social media experts will help you find your key demographic, where they hang out online, and how to reach them with content and paid advertising as part of your social media strategy. As well as using research tools to identify the right demographic for your brand, we use split-testing to provide continuous, real-time learning.

Content creation

So you’ve realised you need to take advantage of the marketing benefits of social media. But you’re too busy to produce content or you don’t know where to start with content creation.

KIJO follows a structured approach to content creation. We make sure that each blog, post, ad, graphic or article has a specific strategic purpose (and of course is engaging and sharable too). As well as strategic knowhow, the KIJO team have the full set of skills to design and write content that will build a buzz about your business.

Campaign creation

You may already have a specific aim in mind for your social media. We can help you achieve it by bringing every element we’ve already mentioned together. You might be launching a product or rebranding your company. Maybe you’re running a time-specific promotion and you really want to shout about it. We’ll use our experience, in combination with real-time learning, to create a campaign and get your target audience liking, sharing – and buying.

Finally, we measure KPIs and ROI throughout the process so you can be crystal clear on the benefits social media is bringing to your business – and start planning your next campaign!

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