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User Experience (UX)

Create usable, beautiful and memorable online experiences

If you want your customers to keep coming back for more you need to give them an online experience that feels natural, is free of obstacles – and that they will actually enjoy. With UX and UI design, you’re putting your customer first. And isn’t that how it should be?

Human-friendly websites

Your customers are humans, so it makes sense to create websites that humans will like! While it’s true that behind the scenes you need to make sure your site can be found by search engines, the front end of your site is all about the customer. User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design are the processes we use to make sure once visitors have found your site, they engage with it in the way you want them to.

At KIJO our approach to UX and UI design is based on real-world insights into how people interact with websites. We focus on designing a seamless experience from click to click, with visuals that clearly guide users from landing page to checkout.

Great company to work with. Having provided us with top class design and consultancy, KIJO are a company that we have a very close relationship with. A very high recommendation from the whole Park-IT team. A really strong, knowledgeable and friendly team.

Scott Kiely

Technology Lead - Park-IT

Scott Kiely - Park-IT - Tech Lead

UX (User Experience)

UX design is the process of enhancing your customers’ experience of your website, app or online product, by making it easier and more enjoyable to for them to use. The way UX design is employed depends on the type of customer who will be interacting with your website, app or software – so it’s completely unique to every product.

KIJO’s developers have the latest tech at their fingertips when it comes to building websites – and they’re pretty creative in applying them to create UX design that really works. Thanks to years of industry experience, we’ve also been able to collect a database of accurate information as to what creates memorable online experiences. This enviable combination of design skill and behavioural insight means KIJO can give your customers a far better online experience than your competitors – and keep them coming back for more.

Sitemap - UX

UI (User Interface)

The interface of an online product simply refers to what the customer can see. UI Design is about designing the aesthetics of the user interface in a way that will influence how your customers interact with it. And it plays an important part in giving your brand or product its personality.

UI design requires a high level of attention to detail. It’s just the kind of thing we love getting geeky about here at KIJO. UI design focuses on everything from micro-interactions (such as how a button reacts when it’s clicked) to the over all visual impression of the product. UI design is one of KIJO’s specialities and we’re always challenging ourselves to be better.

Why choose KIJO?

Without a professionally designed UX and UI your product will struggle to achieve the potential it’s truly capable of. We believe our designers and developers are some of the best in the business.

Our developers are passionate about what they do. We’ve made sure we have a team of people who not only have the skills create a website or app that will look beautiful – but one that is a joy to use. We live and breathe digital design and make it our mission to stay clued up with the latest insights.

Case Study- Park-IT Customer Portal

The Problem

As Park-IT’s customer base grows they need to create an extra touch point between their customers and the Park-IT team.  A customer portal was a great way to bridge this gap.  Park-IT needed the UI and UX to be easy to navigate, be designed adhering to their new brand guidelines (which KIJO created previously) and cover a number of core functions that they wanted the customer portal to perform.

Our Approach

The first thing we needed to do was map out the full customer journey when using the product, identify any pain points and devise a UI that allowed all the functions to be discovered seamlessly.  After our initial meeting we decided to take a breadcrumb approach with the UI, so users could see where they was within the project at all times and navigate accordingly.

We decided also to the best route would be a mobile 1st design as we wanted the product to provide the same user experience no matter the device that was being used.  Once we had decided how we wished the UI to perform and clarified the UX we could move onto wire-framing the product, wire-framing is the process of putting a skeleton framework together before any content or design has been added.

Park-IT where happy to sign off wireframes 1st time so it was time to move onto the full designs.

Park-IT - Good UX

The Results

The results speak for themselves, the product works seamlessly and enhances the Park-IT brand and portfolio of tools they can offer to their customer to improve their overall customer experience.  More visuals can be viewed for this project on the following link:

Park-IT - User interface design

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