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Dynamic content to move your business forward

It’s getting harder to get noticed online. One way to give your business stand out is to get things moving – with video, cinemagraphs or animation. Whether you want to give your customers an immersive brand experience, stand out in a competitive market or get a leg up the search ladder – KIJO can help you use media to bring your marketing to life.

Breathing life into your brand

Today’s consumers are wary of marketing hype – they prefer to experience products and services and make judgements for themselves. So getting them to make that first contact can be tricky.

Video can bring the sights, sounds, colours and textures of your brand to life – giving potential customers a more immersive experience of your product than photography alone. Video is more exciting, more attention-grabbing and can give your audience more information about what to expect from your company. Ultimately, it’s far more persuasive.

We create video for social media campaigns, websites, emails, online commercials, client presentations and tutorials. Our approach is to get an understanding of what you want your video to achieve – then suggest ideas for footage that will showcase your brand and meet your marketing goals.

Our expertise cover everything from shooting location with standard or drone videography, to crafting bespoke animated video in our studio. If you want dynamic content that will get your business noticed online, we can help!

How video can help you stay ahead of your competitors

Businesses across the industry are enjoying stellar results from using video online and in social media. And it’s no different here. We created a video for a Hogarth Hotel’s Facebook page – and it received an incredible 400% more views than their average post. There was an increase of 30% in the traffic that came to the website via Facebook in the month that followed. So video really works.

Something else to think about is that search engines now prioritise video marketing above other, less captivating media. Algorithms crawl for the most popular videos, and boost them to the top of SERPs. If you’re not using video yet, you’re at risk of getting left behind.

Plus video makes great shareable content – whatever industry you’re in. Consumers want to know what’s hot (or not) within their social circle, industry or with popular celebrities. Video has the versatility to be beautiful, useful, cute, funny or informative – so there are many ways to get everyone clicking ‘share’.

Animating your business

Presenting complex, dry or important information in an engaging way can be a challenge. Animated video can really help to liven things up. A short animated film can educate and entertain your target audience with simple, charming and on-brand visuals. And the good news is it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Traditional video works wonders in sensory industries such a food, travel or fashion – but animation can be used across an even wider spectrum. For businesses that work in a sensitive industry, lack a location for a shoot or need a way to make information easier to digest, animation is an effective alternative.

However abstract an idea, the KIJO team is able to bring it to life through animation. The only boundaries are what you and the designer can dream up!

We always look at your brand guidelines first, to make sure the animation will be true to you. Then the designer will storyboard your narrative before creating the final animation. We can also write and record the accompanying script.

Animations can be created in a variety of styles – infographics, charts, maps, special characters or compelling storylines the take customers on a journey.

We’ll choose everything from style and colour schemes through to the tone of your voiceover – always with your brand at the forefront of our minds.

Animations have proven very successful in increasing conversion rates. Statistics have shown a 200-300% increase in clicks to a website when animated video is employed. So why not discover what animated video can do for you?

Taking video to new heights

We’re pretty good at producing standard video. But here at KIJO we’re always trying to go beyond standard! Self-confessed tech nerds, we couldn’t resist the chance to start using drone video in our clients’ marketing. Drone videography is impactful, adds individuality and invites the viewer into the very heart of your brand.

Drones are super agile, so there are a huge number of different perspectives that can be captured. This enables the viewer to feel like they’re part of any scenario. For instance, filming at eye level gives the viewer a first person experience of your location, experience or product. Or you can achieve stunning aerial shots buy maneuvering the drone up and away. The compact size and agility of drones means you can shoot almost anywhere – even indoors.

Aerial photography was previously out of reach for many businesses, but drone videography is changing all that. Filming is easy, cost effective and won’t interfere with day-to-day operations – plus it’s great fun too! In fact, we’re such fans of drone videography that we’ve used it on our own website. Did you spot the footage of our studio on the homepage?

Creating dynamic imagery with cinemagraphs

To add a subtle lift to your imagery, cinemagraphs are really simple and effective. A cinemagraph is basically a ‘living photo’ in which most of the image remains static, while a small section moves on a loop.

What’s great about cinemagraphs is that they emphasise the sensory elements of a scene to make it more enticing and engage the viewer in a more experiential way. This could be wine pouring into a glass, wind moving through grass or steam rising from a warming plate of food.

Cinemagraphs have proven their worth in social media and advertising campaigns. In a study by Microsoft, engagement on twitter increased by 110% when using cinemagraphs in comparison with 1.96% for still images. On Facebook engagement increased by 85% compared with still images at 0.83%. Impressive stuff.

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