Bespoke agile software development from KIJO’s in-house software team.

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Build the Future

KIJO’s Build the Future software methodology ensures the best possible result for even the most complex of software projects. Our process has been optimised to ensure your software product is user focussed & future proof.

We establish a transparent, collaborative relationship with our clients and encompass an agile development methodology ensuring frequent touch points throughout the project.


Award Winning

You don’t just need to take our word for it: we’ve got the credentials to back up our claims. Our work has been recognised by international awards platforms, including CSSDA, The Drum, Web Guru Awards and more. Winners of Best Innovation and Best UI and UX Design at CSSDA. You’re in talented hands with the KIJO team.
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award

Agile Development

For all our software projects we apply an agile development process. This allows for regular user testing and more granular feature sign off throughout the project.


We deep dive into the problems you are trying to solve for your users across a number of workshops and activities. Drawing our crucial information around the goals of the business, user personas and user goals.


Creating a centralised strategy document that everyone involved in the project can work from comes next. Analysing all the vital information we gathered in the discovery phase of the project we start to formulate how we will tackle the project and the best way to achieve the desired goals.

Agile Development

We follow an agile development process to ensure speed of launch and feature testing throughout the process. Agile is widely recognised as the best process for software development due to its ability to produce and end result that is more user focussed.

Peace of Mind

Software Solutions

KIJO’s software solutions.


Our software solutions are create bespoke to meet the goals of the users.


We create Enterpise software for both B2B and B2C solutions.


Software as a service is taking over the software world and we specialise in working with brands to create user centric software solutions.


All the software we create is cloud based to ensure it’s accessible worldwide quickly and securely.

Technology Stack

The Right Tools for the Job

At KIJO we always stay ahead of the curve, utilising the very latest design techniques and coding languages to ensure every software project we work on is future proof.

Advanced, Easy-to-use Software Built with React

Building software using React dramatically increases the speed of your digital product. It’s fast, scalable and simple. Using React, our developers build advanced user interfaces and interactive UI components without compromising speed or usability. Software built with React respond to data changes without requiring reloads, keeping the user journey interruption-free.

React.JS app development
React.JS app development
React Native App Development
React Native App Development

React Native

React Native is great for developing software. The code base allows for slick, fast, ultra responsive user interfaces and also massively reduces load times. This combination ensures your users get all the functionality they desire without having to compromise on performance.

Beautiful Code with Laravel

Love beautiful code? We do too. Laravel is a quick and intuitive  that speeds up your time to market. Fast, intuitive, cost-effective, scalable and the most secure framework on the market, there are a lot of reasons to like Laravel and the solutions it delivers.

Laravel developers
Laravel developers
Android Developers
Android Developers


Along with making iOS apps, we are all Android app developers, delivering the same innovative experiences so that you can tap into all markets. Our native apps for Android users are released via the Google Play app store.


We create native iOS apps, from app ideation to product launch on the App Store. Usable across the full range of Apple devices, our apps open up your business to a huge global audience.
iOS Developers
iOS Developers

Killer Features

Our software comes with killer features.

Augmented Reality Apps
Augmented Reality Apps

Amazing user experience

Put your users 1st.

Product market fit

Software people want and need.

Flix Website Blog Plugin


Fast, reliable & secure.

eCommerce Websites

Continuous improvement

Test, iterate, adapt.

Software - Crucial Trading

AI - Artificial intelligence

The future of AI is now.

API Integration

We can couple your software with any documented API.

Website API integration



Keep in touch via your dedicated project page on our Konnect Portal. All KIJO projects are managed end-to-end via this custom-built interface, keeping documents and communications in one place.



The ultimate resource to empower you and your team. We provide videos, screen recordings and how-to guides to give you all the information you need to manage your digital platforms.



Ensure optimum software performance with our specialist software maintenance service. We have a dedicated team with a super-fast response time & ticket system.

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Cloud Hosting managed by the KIJO team.
Ensure your software is super-fast with load times under 0.5 seconds and a 99.99% uptime record.

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Diverse Experience


The KIJO Care team prides itself on being able to handle websites of all different sizes and varying requirements. We work with startups, large enterprises and public sector organisations. 


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective websites for both patients and practitioners. Displaying information and appointment details with clarity and building with the highest security standards.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped. KIJO’s web design team streamline information into targeted, logical user journeys, helping people find what they need quickly and easily.
Warwick Uni Logo


Elevate your brand and inspire your users with luxury website design. An elegant, well-designed website can highlight the quality and heritage of your brand, delivering everything your brand deserves.
Crucial Trading


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and MICRA. Students, Parents and Teaching Staff all need access to specific information types. Achieve this across a visually consistent website and keep everyone informed.


Our eCommerce websites are built with WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options and full customisation options. Optimise conversion rates with bespoke checkout flows from KIJO.
Beast Sheds Logo
Warwick Uni Logo

SaaS - Software as a Service

Generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.
Noti SaaS


We have designed websites aimed specifically at the growing gaming market. This audience has high expectations and specific requirements. 

Duel Gaming Website

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The key to this question is in the title. As software is so often bespoke we would need to scope out the goals you want your software to achieve and work backwards from there to work out a quote.

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