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KIJO is an award winning web design company based in Birmingham.  Our Birmingham team is made up of skilled and experienced web designers & web developers.

Web Design Birmingham
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Build the Future

Web Design Birmingham

Crafted over 20 years of designing and developing websites KIJO’s Build the Future methodology has been created to ensure delivery of a highly optimised, high performance website that converts users into customers.

We establish a transparent, collaborative relationship with our Birmingham clients, with frequent touch points throughout the project. In our Discovery phase, we delve into the details, defining the project goals to find the perfect solution for you.


Over 12 steps you work with the KIJO Birmingham web design team to shape and craft what will become your number 1 sales tool and the biggest driver of business for your brand.

Web Design Birmingham
Birmingham's Best

Birmingham Web Design Agency

You don’t just need to take our word for it: we’ve got the credentials to back up our claims. Our work has been recognised by international awards platforms, including CSSDA, The Drum, Web Guru Awards and more. Winners of Best Innovation and Best UI and UX Design at CSSDA. You’re in talented hands with the KIJO Birmingham web design agency team.

CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award

WordPress Web Design Agency Birmingham

We utilise WordPress as our CMS. Thanks to its open-source capabilities, our options with WordPress are limitless and continually expanding. Using WordPress, our websites are strategically designed, long-term solutions that also offer enough flexibility to morph and grow with our clients. You shouldn’t have to turn to your Birmingham web design agency for every content update, and with us, you won’t have to. We create ingenious WordPress websites that still empower our clients to access and manage their own content.

WordPress Experts

We are Birmingham’s most experienced WordPress agency. Working with WordPress since it’s inception there is nothing this Birmingham WordPress web design agency cannot do when it comes to WordPress. We are WordPress experts and anyone based in Birmingham should look no further than KIJO if they want to work with the WordPress platform as thier websites CMS.

WordPress Enterprise

WordPress has grown to become far more than a leading content management platform. Thanks to its flexibility and a huge international community of developers, WordPress powers 38% of websites in the world. We work with Enterprise clients to develop complex WordPress websites & WordPress plugins, backed up by WordPress maintenance and specialist WordPress hosting.

Bespoke WordPress

We create everything brand new & bespoke for your project, creating the most efficient solutions for your goals. We’re not limited by web design conventions, your website can stand out with a fully bespoke interface from KIJO Birmingham’s web design team.

WordPress Integrations

Our expert WordPress development team can handle all WordPress integrations, whether it be with an API or a  plugin, we even create our own bespoke WordPress plugins! KIJO is BIrmingham’s most experienced WordPress agency.

Websites optimised to run quickly

Web Development Birmingham

Guarantee your website’s performance by working with KIJO’s web developers Birmingham. We focus on making your website lightning fast with a conversion rate your competitors will envy.

Lightning-Fast Speed

Bounce rates are a website’s worst enemy. To make sure your visitors stay onsite, we promise a load speed under 0.5 seconds as standard.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Work with us to increase your websites conversion rates, your website should be your biggest sales tool! We work closely with all our Birmingham clients to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Birmingham

To get your expertly crafted website seen by the right audience, you need laser-sharp SEO. Search engine optimisation is how to expand your customer base and attract organic (non-paid) traffic to your site.

For successful SEO, it’s essential to get the fundamentals right. We gain a comprehensive understanding of your ideal client before conducting thorough keyword research.
Wherever you are looking to improve your search performance, we have the tools to put your site in front of your target audience across Birmingham and beyond.

SEO Audit

10 minute video SEO audit

Before we start work on your website we conduct a full SEO audit of your current website. This includes both technical onsite SEO and offsite SEO. We look at all your content, your current website structure, your current keyword rankings, your backlink profile and much more.


In-depth keyword research

During the SEO audit we will create a report of all the keywords you currently rank for on Google, the monthly search volume for these keywords and the position on Google you appear for that search term. Once we have all your current data we will perform keyword research to identify keywords opportunities for you to maximise your share of the organic traffic for your industry.


Comprehensive competitor analysis

Who doesn’t want to see how their competitors websites are performing? Well we can provide all the data for you, we can look under the hood of any website in the world and this is what we will do with your competition. We can see what keywords they rank for, their biggest traffic driving keywords and their top pages amongst many other things. All this data can be used to help you out rank your competitors for the most high value keywords in your industry.

SEO Strategy

Full search strategy created

Once we have audited your current website, carried out our keyword research and analysed your competitors it’s time for us to put together your SEO strategy. This includes keywords we are going to target moving forward and how we will achieve those top of the page rankings through the website structure and landing page creation.

Our Web Development Process

Web Developers Birmingham

There are some key elements to every website project we work on, these elements are what our web developers specialises in and this expertise is what wins us awards over other web design companies in Birmingham.

User Journey

Work with us to identify your website’s key user journeys and then optimise them to significantly increase conversions. The KIJO Birmingham website design team specialises in identifying user types and then creating a tailored journey for each user type to achieve the primary goals of the website.

Design System

Detail is what delivers a high quality user experience. At KIJO Birmingham the web design team plan & create a branded design system that covers all the elements needed to develop a website. In the design system we detail colour palettes, font choices, button styles, photography style and much more. The design system is your 1st step on the visual journey towards a new website.

UI/UX Design

Using the design system created the specialist UI designers at KIJO Birmingham will start to create a modern website UI using all the brand system elements. Our Birmingham based UI team are experienced in focussing on UX to ensure the best possible experience for your users once the website is complete.

Web Development

Once it’s time to develop and build the finalised designs our expert web developers get cracking. We create pixel perfect websites that reflect the designs exactly as they was intended with all the bespoke functionality needed to hit the original brief. At this stage we do not need much client interaction, we will let you know once the website has been through our internal testing process and signed off ready for external testing.

Website Testing & Quality Assurance

We only release websites that are award worthy, the KIJO Birmingham team are proud of and websites that will WOW our clients. To keep to these standards we have a strict, high attention to detail internal testing process. Only once a website is signed off internally will we provide an external testing link to the client side project stakeholders.

Killer Features

Web Designers in Birmingham

A KIJO Birmingham website really stands you apart from your competitors, working as your number one sales tool to drive new customers to your business. But what makes us different? Apart from our experience, expertise and process we have some killer web design features…..

Checkout - Seamless Experience

Our aim is to guide consumers through to your checkout, removing distractions from the process to ensure purchases are easy to complete. We believe advanced functionality should never come at the expense of usability. Our checkout systems are easy and visually enjoyable to use, resulting in hire conversion ratios for all KIJO Birmingham’s clients.

AR - Augmented Reality

Merge the gaps between the digital and physical worlds by adding an Augmented Reality experience to your website. Wether it be to allow users to try before they buy or an AR explainer video KIJO Birmingham can bring Augmented Reality to your users through your website.

Animations - Attention Grabbing

No modern website is complete without custom animations wether it be custom cursors, scroll effects or animated illustrations. At KIJO Birmingham we use a whole host of animations to make your website capture and retain a users attention.

Flix - Powerful Content Markeitng

Designed & developed bespoke by KIJO Birmingham, Flix is a WordPress plugin that we utilise on the websites we build to super charge your websites content marketing. Organise by category, drill down into subcategories, add featured & related content and enjoy the Netflix style feed that your users will love.

Bespoke Website Functionality

We have been working with WordPress since it’s inception, there isn’t an adaptation that can be made to WordPress that we cannot complete at KIJO. We add bespoke functionality to a whole range of websites to create unique features for our client and clients users.

3D Product Builders

Allow your users to experience all your product variations in a digital environment with a KIJO Birmingham 3D product builder. Our 3D products builders will WOW your users. We can also develop AR features for your website so your users can see your products in a real world environment before they make a purchase.

API Integration

API’s are ever more popular in WordPress over the last 2-5 years and most major brands will have an API if they wish you to use their functionality on your website. We can create bespoke API’s if needed and we can also integrate any API’s into your WordPress website.


Fast becoming WordPress’s favourite page builder we can utilise Elementor throughout our development to allow for easy content & design updates once we have handed over the website to you. Elementor is taking the WordPress world by storm and KIJO Birmingham are already a leading Elementor agency.

Elementor Logo



Ensure optimum website performance with our specialist WordPress Maintenance service – KIJO Care. We have a dedicated team with a super-fast response time & ticket system.

KIJO Cloud


WordPress Hosting managed by the KIJO team. Ensure your website is super-fast with load times under 0.5 seconds and a 99.99% uptime record.



Keep in touch via your dedicated project page on our Konnect Portal. All KIJO Birmigham projects are managed end-to-end via this custom-built interface, keeping documents and communications in one place.



The ultimate resource to empower you and your team to use and update your website. We provide videos, screen recordings and how-to guides to give you all the information you need to manage your digital platforms.
COMPARE Website Types

Web Design Company Birmingham

At KIJO Birmingham we can build any type of WordPress website you require. Usually a WordPress website will fall into one of 3 categories – Brochure website, eCommerce website or SaaS website, we have examples of all types of these websites in our portfolio and you can compare the 3 types of website below.

Brochure Website

  • Display services
  • Provide a clear point of contact
  • Embedded SEO
  • Fully Responsive
  • Low Maintenance
  • Visually Stunning
  • Key Messaging

ECommerce Website

  • Display products
  • User-Friendly Checkout Page
  • Easy to Manage
  • Embedded SEO
  • Fully Responsive
  • AR Features Available
  • WooCommerce
  • Transactional Emails

SaaS Website

  • Explain software as a service in detail
  • Direct Customers to software
  • Embedded SEO
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy to Manage
  • Visually Stunning
Diverse Experience

Work Examples

The KIJO team prides itself on being able to handle websites of all different sizes and varying requirements. We work with startups, large enterprises and public sector organisations. 


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective websites for both patients and practitioners. Displaying information and appointment details with clarity and building with the highest security standards.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped. KIJO’s web design team streamline information into targeted, logical user journeys, helping people find what they need quickly and easily.
Loughborough University
Warwick Uni Logo


Elevate your brand and inspire your users with luxury website design. An elegant, well-designed website can highlight the quality and heritage of your brand, delivering everything your brand deserves.
Crucial Trading


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and MICRA. Students, Parents and Teaching Staff all need access to specific information types. Achieve this across a visually consistent website and keep everyone informed.


Our eCommerce websites are built with WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options and full customisation options. Optimise conversion rates with bespoke checkout flows from KIJO.
Beast Sheds Logo
Warwick Uni Logo

SaaS - Software as a Service

Generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.
Noti SaaS


We have designed websites aimed specifically at the growing gaming market. This audience has high expectations and specific requirements. 

Duel Gaming Website

What’s been said

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

This is a really open ended question as the scope of a website can vary massively. After a 30 minute consultation call with one of Partnerships team we will be able to produce a proposal for your project that will include costings. As a start point though a budget under £10,000 would not be realistic for a website that is going to move your business forward.

Our 12 steps process for building websites spans over 12 weeks, this allows for all steps of the process to be completed and signed off. If you wish to see our full website design process then please email business@KIJO.co.uk and one of our partnerships team will email you a PDF.

All websites need to have a hosting agreement in place with a hosting company. KIJO provides managed Cloud hosting with a WordPress specialist hosting company meaning we handle all your hosting requirements. Our hosting packages can be found on the following link: KIJO.co.uk/wordpress-hosting. KIJO also offer WordPress maintenance packages, it is best practice for all WordPress websites to have a maintenance package in place. To view our WordPress maintenance packages please click on the following link: KIJO.co.uk/wordpress-maintenance

We don’t offer website marketing services in house at KIJO but we can refer you to a 3rd party agency who will offer you preferential rates due to the referral should you use them for website marketing services.

This is all handled in the project contract. We will transfer all new IP created on the project if requested over to you. We will also discuss any existing KIJO IP we wish to use on the project if any and the licensing terms associated with that IP.

Yes we have a large portfolio of websites for you to look at, the best way to check out our recent websites portfolio is on the following link: https://kijo.co.uk/work/websites/

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