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KIJO was approached by the Beauty Chambers founder to create a new brand identity for the company. Beauty Chambers has experienced excellent growth over the last 2 years and wanted a brand that represented their new status. It was important that the new brand stood out in a busy market place but used subtle tones that gave an elegant feel.

Using our bespoke branding process we was able to create three original concepts all of which hit the brief. We like to make these decisions tough for our clients by presenting multiple workable options. Deciding the correct colour palette was always going to be crucial and this formed a big part of the options we provided.  

The Idea

With the chosen concept we decided to show off the difference between thick and thin lines that was synergistic with one of the main treatments the brand offers microblading. The lines within the concept where designed to represent hair, with different line weights used to showcase the natural contrast between hair thickness.


The Details

We wanted to add symmetry to the icon to contain the curvy nature of the lines, this was to represent the neat finish all of the treatments from Beauty Chambers have, leaving you looking on-point.
The typeface in these types of projects is also super important to get right, no re-branding is a success without the correct font choice. We decided upon Futura Light, we felt the lines of the font where as sleek and appealing as the lines detailed in the logo icon.

The Results

The results are there for all to see, we don’t create logo’s we create brand identities. A brand is the 1st thing a user will associated with your company and 1st impressions count, especially in the beauty industry! The client was presented with the full brand guidelines on how to use the brand in all circumstances moving forward. Another happy client and another project where we can be proud of he work we created.
I was really pleased with the level of detail the KIJO team went into, all 3 concepts where excellently thought out. I loved the font choices and decided that one of the concepts was perfect for us without any revisions needed.