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Bristol Airport

A fresh approach to self-service check-in at a busy air travel hub.

Bristol Airport was in need of an all-new area to help passengers check-in at cutting edge kiosks operated by Park-IT. It was important for the airport’s branding to be prominently positioned throughout the area, not just on the kiosk but also on the barriers used to control queuing and the buckets used to collect tags. We harnessed our expertise with 3D design software and rendered the environment digitally to showcase the concept effectively before moving forwards.

The Brief

Before we ploughed ahead with a 3D model of the layout, we worked on two dimensional diagrams, while also creating simple stand-ins for the kiosks themselves to ensure accuracy.

As progress was made, we added more detail to the design of the kiosks, allowing for the ultimate in user-friendliness with a screen mounted low enough to be accessible to every customer. The angle of the screen also helps with its intuitiveness and legibility.

The Plan

The advantage of such thorough planning is that it allows you to identify issues early and address them before they escalate. In the case of this project, we discovered that the lime green colour scheme taken from Bristol Airport’s branding was a little overpowering when rendered in 3D on the kiosks. With this information in hand, we changed the design to subtler blue and white tones which would not be as intrusive.

The hurdles

The team at KIJO achieved its aim of designing a bespoke check-in area, complete with stylish new kiosks which could be highlighted in full 3D to give an accurate idea of what the real-world equivalent would look like in situ. Working with 3D models makes it simpler to showcase our creations and pinpoint the perks, allowing projects to move forwards smoothly.

The outcome