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KIJO developed an all-encompassing identity for the Don’t Go Bald brand, as well as a new website of the same name. Our goal was to normalise the idea of getting a hair transplant, breaking down some of the social barriers that exist. We realised that the best approach to this topic was a friendly, light-hearted one, ensuring that no offense was given to those considering this as a treatment option.


  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Visual direction
  • Web design
We were able to generate a full bespoke brand with website design examples and a large-scale document which met the brief very well. Whilst producing this we learned valuable lessons and designed a new brand guidelines and proposal system for showcasing our work in the future.

Mike O'Raw on Don't Go Bald

Lead Graphic Designer

A few sketch renditions included a deconstructed “O” in “don’t go bald” to create a hairline and smile, however upon reflection this idea looked more like someone happy with their baldness rather than happy with their new full head of hair. We took this idea and adapted it as an icon that had a full head of hair and continued the smile.