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Hogarths is the ideal client for an agency like KIJO; one looking to develop a long standing partnership that will grow and develop over time.

The hotel group’s existing website was no longer fit for purpose, with archaic foundations failing to prop it up adequately for the modern age of ever-increasing visitor expectations. Employees were also finding it tough to manage, which is why a change was needed.

KIJO was given the job of tearing down the old site and rebuilding it in an entirely new guise. The main goal was to ensure that the hotel’s brand and services were presented in an aesthetically pleasing, consistent way which was also user-friendly.

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Impressive Mobile Optimisation

The old Hogarths site was generating a lot of traffic from portable devices, so we made sure that its successor was fully accessible and navigable from modern mobiles and tablets.

The next step was to perfect the colour pallet of the site, which we based on the brand’s seasonally-influenced scheme which was already in place. With four seasons to inspire different sections of the site, we were able to make each feel distinct while still being tied together by an overarching theme.

Our colour choices also had to reflect the qualities of luxury and bespoke service that Hogarths offers guests. The rooms are displayed on pages packed with rich purple hues, evoking this idea perfectly and also helping visitors to instantly understand which part of the site they were using.

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Bringing the Experience to Life

Translating the real-world feel of visiting a Hogarths hotel into a digital medium was a challenge, but one which we felt was important to reflecting the brand accurately in an online space.

Hogarth’s presented its own unique set of challenges due to the way their old website was structured. The Solihull branch was taking the lions share of the traffic which was making it difficult for the Stone Manor branch to attract guests and rank highly on Google. We created a new hotel platform built on top of WordPress which gives equal weighting to both Hotel’s and allows them to add hotels as the brand grows into the future.

Hogarths Website - Jordan Thompson

Creative Director

Sowing the Seeds for Expansion

As an ambitious operator of luxury hotels, Hogarths needed a site that lets visitors switch between its different locations seamlessly to help boost bookings. The menus makes this achievable with no fuss, while a head-turning landing page for the group as a whole was designed to hook newcomers immediately.

Power of Motion

One important aspect of the site’s design was the inclusion of cinemagraphs. We realised how vital it was to give Hogarths the edge over its rivals with a feature not found elsewhere, which is exactly the function these served.



Gorgeous websites.


Increase in user engagement across both websites.


Increase in wedding venue enquiries.