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Kat & Co identified a gap in the market within the West Midlands area for a service of this kind that provided an excellent user experience.


It was important to design for the target market and the user experience the new clinic was going to provide, we love to design luxury websites and this project matched up well with our preferred design style.

The Brand

After creating numerous concepts we decided to utilise the font as the key element of the logo icon. The font itself has thin lines and lots of spacing between each character.

The Emblem

After deciding we wanted to use the font in the icon the letters K & C where the obvious choices, we decided to overlay the letters and again tried various combinations and colour scheme’s settling for the K above the C with a black and gold colour combination.
When mocked up the icon was really resonating with the team and the client, we knew at this point we had chose the right concept and could continue with confidence.

The Details

Gold is of course associated with luxury, we looked at multiple gold shades taking inspiration from various successful luxury brands. We knew if we went for gold then we would need a strong secondary colour and black was the natural choice.
Our font choice need to convey premium so we decided on a thin font space that allowed for good spacing between each character. Cera GR we felt was the perfect fit.
We are really excited by the new brand, it appeals to the target market and feel it represents the image we are trying to present. The website is an extension of this brand and we are really excited to get it launched.

The Website

The website needed to be a continuation of the brand we had created. The same design principles where applied to the website design phase of this project.

Registering & Booking

The main goal of the website was to drive registrations and treatment bookings, we focused heavily on the user flow and making sure that all roads lead to these important actions.

Persuasive Design

We always design with results in mind, a website should be a sales tool for a business and while looking great needs to deliver results. Coupling the website with the fresh brand we are happy we excelled on this brief.