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KIJO have worked with Park-IT for the last 5+ years, working on over 30 projects covering a broad range of our in-house skills. During this time Park-IT has grown from an in house start up brand owned by Holiday Extra’s to a multi-million pound SaaS company that operates in 10+ of the UK’s largest airports.

Brand Evolution

The growth of the company has seen the need for a brand evolution. Moving from a logo created with literal meaning to car parking to a more modern take on the colour scheme and logo that is less literal, without any drastic brand disconnect from where it originated.
Old Logo
New Logo


The typeface needed to be equally as strong as the colour pallette. Therefore, we decided to adopt 
the font; Lato for the brand.





We worked on Park-IT’s original website 6 years ago, web technology & trends change quickly, with this in mind we re-designed and developed a new version of the website in late 2017/early 2018. With the new website we wanted to clearly identify each feature of Park-IT’s platform with unique illustrations, icons & animations.

& Animation

Each illustration we have created is bespoke to a Park-IT system feature. We have also animated our illustrations across the website. This combination of bespoke illustrations & animations gives each of Park-IT’s features their own unique identity.


As Park-IT’s customer base has grown so has their need to be able to manage client communication within 1 dedicated platform. Park-IT asked us to work on a bespoke design for a customer portal that would be unique to their customers needs for communication on the go or in the field.
Heading over the Sketch to wireframe out our vision was an early milestone in this project.
With this in mind we started with a mobile 1st design for the portal, designing the full feature set for a mobile screen and scaling up from there. The portal has been designed for 3 types of screens; mobile, tablet & desktop.

Airport Parking Software

Park-IT’s software is the leading solution in the UK for large scale airport parking this has allowed it to attract big brand names as clients. During our project work with Park-IT this has allowed us to work with companies such as Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport Group and Crowne Plaza.


Park-IT does not only offer a software solution they also provide hardware solutions for installation at their clients car parks. KIJO has helped Park-IT not only design unique kiosks for their clients but we have also worked on branding these kiosks with the clients branding and logo’s.

The Results

There has been many great results across the multiple projects we have worked on together for a range of clients. However we think the biggest result is that after 5 years we are still a key partner for Park-IT’s digital strategy despite their staff growth and ability to bring services previously outsourced in-house.


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Great company to work with. Having provided us with top class design and consultancy, KIJO are a company that we have a very close relationship with. A very high recommendation from the whole Park-IT team. A really strong, knowledgeable and friendly team.
Oliver Ashford, General Manager