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We were engaged by Park-IT to develop new branding for the SaaS parking management platform they offer. Since they already had a distinct identity for Park-IT, they needed a separate logo for this parallel offering to ensure that customers could distinguish between the two. We created an image which drew inspiration from both the location-based capabilities of the software, as well as the different features it offers.

The Brief

Initially we chose a logo that combined six colours, a map pin and the silhouette of a cloud. Upon revisiting this concept, it became obvious that it was too literal in its interpretation of the platform’s functions, while also being swamped with colours that made things look a little unfocused. This led us to adopt a simplified alternative.

Our Approach

The redrafted logo retained the map pin concept, but with a more rounded outline that loops back and gives a sense of infinite opportunities lurking within. The sextet of colours were retained, but they are more closely connected, once again referencing the benefits of as a solution.

The Logo

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Thanks to the expert efforts of our design team, the rebranding exercise was a success and Park-IT now has a flexible, memorable identity for its cloud-based services. The new logo feeds on the power of its on-site potential as well as the interconnected nature of the platform as a whole.

The Outcome