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Precise Mortgages

Standing Out in an Established Market

Precise Mortgages is a new entrant into the crowded mortgage advice marketplace. Our job was to create a brand identity which established their presence and added real differentiation in contrast with their competitors.

Challenges of an established market

With over 1,400 mortgage advisers across the UK, it was important for us to help Precise Mortgage Solutions be visually unique and memorable. Having analysed the competitors’ brands, we found that the use of housing imagery in logos is highly prevalent.
We then made up a mood-board to offer the client choices of typography, colour palettes and examples of logos which have worked for other companies.
The clients were keen to keep their original colour scheme of grey, black and white with red accents, so chose this modern palette. The block red accent colour is bold, but not garish, avoiding associations with danger or Christmas. Using a single shade in carefully chosen locations, together with sharp typography maintains the association of precision and avoids overusing the accent.

A Precise brand

Having established the colours and typography, we designed three new logo concepts for the client to view. To communicate precision while avoiding the negative association of military or regimented activity, we used a looping arrow which incorporates the letter ‘P’, linking the visual memorably to the company name.
The point of the arrow is perfectly aligned to the base of the ‘P’, being in itself precise at the level of the pixel. It also offers an association with a signature, linking into the mortgage industry and contracts.
Overall this project has been smooth, and the clients are happy that our designs fit their offer. Our mock-ups of business cards and billboards highlight the versatility and usability of the design, giving Precise Mortgage Solutions plenty of options for the future.
Precise Branding Arrow
Logo concept
Precise Branding
Precise Mortgages Brand Identity
Brand Photography Art Direction
Precise Brand Identity
Precise Mortgages Full Logo
Precise Mortgages Mug
Precise Mortgages Website Concept
Precise Mortgages Arrow
Precise Mortgages Poster
Precise Website Header
Precise Business Card Design