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Threshers re-launched their new eCommerce platform in late 2018 ready for the important retail period – Christmas! KIJO was brought in post launch to help activate the brand and drive traffic to the website, as well as creating new features for the website and creating campaign visuals for cross promotion across social media.

Eye Catching Design

Having analysed the competitors and reviewing our market research we decided the brand would benefit from a bold, eye catching design and colour scheme. We wanted the brand to stand out from the crowd and we wanted to create a new brand identity that stood apart from the previous brand visuals.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Product photography is key for any eCommerce platform and this is no different when working with alcohol brands. Although a large tasks we decided to re-shoot all of the Threshers current product catalogue utilising a visual style for the photography that reflected the new brand direction.

Social Activation

Activating the brand on social media was a key part of our strategy, we saw the 2 key platforms for our target audience as Facebook & Instagram. We created a number of branded campaigns bespoke for each platform with great success in terms of user engagement and user acquisition.

The Results

We have had a fantastic response on social media to our new visuals and the campaigns we have been running. The Threshers branded Facebook pages received 3000+ likes in the 1st 2 months. The results on Google have also been impressive with over 3000 keywords now ranking on the UK version of Google and already there are over 1200 branded searches a month for Threshers.


Branded Searches Per Month


Keywords Ranking 
on Google


Facebook Likes

Results based on 1st 12 months of the campaign
Month 1 to 12 has exceeded our expectations, we are really excited for the coming year and what can be achieved