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Best Elementor Websites

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  • May 5, 2022
Best Elementor Websites

Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builders. We’ve listed some of our favourite websites that use the plugin to its full potential. 

When it comes to building a website, WordPress is a popular choice with experts and novices alike. WordPress works by offering users thousands of different plugins to help improve functionality, performance and visibility. 

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for page building and web design, in fact, if you ask us, it’s probably the best of the best. The WordPress plugin uses an advanced drag and drop interface and has hundreds of different features, allowing you to build advanced Elementor websites no matter what your skill level. 

With almost no design and functionality restrictions, it’s no surprise that Elementor websites are becoming more and more popular.

To help you get an idea of exactly what Elementor can do, the KIJO team have put together some of our favourite Elementor websites, all of which highlight how Elementor can help to take your web presence to the next level.

Benefits of Elementor Websites

There are various benefits to using Elementor to build your website including:

Quick and Easy

Thanks to Elementor’s user-friendly drag and drop interface, building Elementor websites is a relatively quick process compared to traditional web design methods. 

Full Design Control

Arguably one of the biggest benefits of Elementor is that you have full control over your website design. Whereas often with WordPress you are restricted to using pre-designed themes, Elementor websites offer free reign over every design detail. 

Advanced Features

The Pro version of Elementor also includes an array of widgets and features that are crucial to web development. Some of the best features available include animated headlines, media carousels and WooCommerce widgets.


We all know by now how important it is for websites to be optimised for mobile browsing. Elementor has various features that allow you to tweak your pages to fit any device and the plugin’s responsive mode allows you to make design changes that will suit both desktop and mobile. 

Elementor Website Examples

Mitchell Adam

OK so we might be a little biased here seeing as we created it, but the Mitchell Adam website is a great example of how to utilise Elementor. 

Users can navigate the financial recruitment website with ease and the yellow, black and white branding runs throughout to create an engaging experience for users. 

Animated call to action buttons are a constant and design features such as a custom cursor and bright background graphics help this website to stand out from the crowd. 

The Vera Hotel

The Vera Hotel is one of Tel Aviv’s most stylish hotels therefore it needs a website design to match. 

Full-screen images and bold text blocks help to create a magazine feel whilst the sidebar menu keeps the design relatively clean and minimal, mirroring design elements used within the hotel itself.

It’s not just the design of the website that excels, the homepage features a direct booking system meaning users can book a room with ease, making this an Elementor website that combines show-stopping design with functionality. 

Tophat Classics

Tophat Classics is a car manufacturer based in The Netherlands that converts classic Land Rovers into supercars. 

Working with such a timeless and iconic vehicle, it’s perhaps no surprise that the Tophat Classics website keeps things simple and lets the cars do the talking. 

The pages feature multiple images of converted Land Rovers and users have the option of choosing a specific path through the website, depending on their needs.

A key design feature of this Elementor website is the decision to display text in columns, creating a newspaper-type vibe to the pages. 

Olympian Motors

Another site built by the KIJO team, Olympian Motors is a great example of using Elementor without limitations. 

Olympian Motor’s cars are unique, aesthetic and minimalistic and guess what? So is their website. 

A dark black background runs throughout, allowing the text and cars to stand out and give the impression that they are under a spotlight. 

A custom cursor makes navigating the website engaging whilst the images and fonts used create a classy and timeless look for the Elementor site. 

Children and War Foundation

The Children and War Foundation website hosts a large amount of content and information so it’s perhaps no surprise that the people behind it opted for WordPress.

The non-profit organisation keeps the focus on the children they are helping with clever use of overlaid videos and imagery throughout. 

Text is broken up into manageable chunks and the extensive menu options make navigating to the content you are looking for quick and easy.

A key design feature of the website is the interactive map that allows users to select a location and see the work the charity is doing there, prompting engagement. 

Chi Kitchen

Chi Kitchen is first and foremost an ecommerce website but the vast quantities of information and on-site blog make this website a bit of a jack of all trades. 

The website lets its products do the talking with product imagery and recipe ideas taking centre stage on the homepage. 

The ecommerce element of the website is simple and it’s the recipe page that really brings this Elementor website to life. 

Featuring different recipes, each one is displayed within a grid design making navigation quick and simple. 

J W Mountaineering 

J W Mountaineering offers treks, expeditions and courses to some of the world’s most stunning (and treacherous) mountain ranges. 

The design of this Elementor website lets the locations do the talking with stunning pictures effortlessly convincing even mountaineering novices to sign up. 

A particularly clever feature is the “Popular Adventures” section which features various treks in a grid style. Text is overlaid over each image featuring key information such as duration and location, making it simple for users to find one that’s right for them.

The overall design feel is sleek and cartoon icons help to break up important safety information so that it isn’t overwhelming. 


Bram is a luxury, hand-crafted, leather wallet designer based in Spain. 

The key selling point for these wallets is that they are hand-crafted, something that is highlighted to the user from the minute they land on the homepage via a header video showcasing the process. 

Bram’s tagline is “Making Life Easier” and more clever videos and image animations portray how to use the wallets to get the most out of them. 

The wallets come in a variety of neutral colours, something that is reflected in the colour scheme of this Elementor website. 

Final Thoughts

With so much online competition, your website needs to perform well and be designed to stand out from the crowd. 

Elementor allows you to create bespoke, on-trend and high-performance websites that will enhance your online presence. 

Whilst these may be some of our favourite Elementor website examples, they hardly scratch the surface of what’s out there. More businesses and individuals than ever before are opting to use Elementor to build their websites.

Here at KIJO, we approve of the plugin so much that we now offer an Elementor website building service. Contact us today to start turning your website dreams into a reality. 

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