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Your Website: Designed with Precision, Built to Perform
Your Website: Designed with Precision, Built to Perform

We work with aspiring businesses to Build, Maintain and Grow their websites.

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We understand that there are a lot of agencies out there, some more capable than others. You have a decision to make and you want to know what makes KIJO different. We might not be for everyone, we only work with businesses where we know we can make a difference.

Our story.
Our history.

We think that being a family owned business started by two brothers is in itself unique. But what does it actually mean for an agency? We only want to partner with businesses where our values align.


KIJO adapts to the brief.

Other agencies might exclusively work with a particular industry but we find this results in tunnel vision and group think. We know that each business is unique, with its own set of values and history. Just like ours.


Amazing design and results can be friends.

Design, technology, performance and results are all possible. To be honest it’s challenging but always achievable. This fusion is now a central part of how we approach every project and a philosophy all our team members live up to.

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In this demanding digital age, if a site isn’t performing optimally, a user will simply close the window and visit a competitor – it’s as simple as that. At KIJO, we prioritise performance across all of the websites we work with, in every capacity. To us, performance is the basis of a website’s success. From speed to functionality, security to traffic capacity, our team will work around the clock to keep your site optimised and performing beautifully – just as it should.


User Experience

Nowadays, a website is usually the first place a potential customer will experience your brand, service and product. So, if your site is falling flat and not delivering a competitive user experience, that could quite literally mean the loss of a potential lead or sale. At KIJO, our dedicated team specialise in designing and delivering a premium, tailored and brand-informed user experience that helps ensure your users stay, enquire, buy and return.



A website’s aesthetic is important, but useless if no one is visiting it. At KIJO, our site’s are specifically designed and optimised with engagement in mind. We can promote visibility of your site in search engines using proven SEO techniques, and keep your users on site with our impeccably curated design features and elements like motion design, interactions and video content.



Getting a user to become a customer is often the biggest problem to solve for the clients we work with. At KIJO, our expert team know what it takes to craft and curate websites that actually convert. We’ll discover what’s holding your existing site back and reroute your design to deliver on that all important conversion rate. From optimised checkout experiences to clear and accessible calls to action, we can unleash and realise the true potential of your website.

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