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/ Our History

The story starts around 15 years ago when brothers Kirk & Jordan started helping local businesses develop their websites & market themselves online.

Let's start at the very beginning. Kirk and Jordan (yes they are brothers) created their first website together in 1999. Who was it for you to ask? That's not important but how long ago it was is the important thing. When agencies say they are experienced we really mean it. Fast forward to 2014 Kirk and Jordan decided to start KIJO, a combination of their names with the ideals of creating an agency which could combine amazing design with a focus on results. Perhaps you have heard this before but the combination of their two personalities infused into the agency makes this hardwired into KIJOs DNA.

Jordan Thompson
Jordan Thompson


Kirk Thompson
Kirk Thompson


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/ Our Culture

It sounds cliche but we believe in work hard and play hard.

You’ve probably heard it a lot, but as a team we really do believe in working hard and playing hard. There is no point in working all the time to never enjoy yourself. But, then it also makes no sense to never really be working or making a difference… We think it’s best when there’s a balance between the two. As a remote team, we like to meet up throughout the year and have a good old celebration of the hard graft we’ve put in.

/ Our Manifesto

The values that inspire us.

  • 01

    Be unique. Don’t blend in.

  • 02

    Design should look good. Simple as that.

  • 03

    Champion simplicity. Complicated things are annoying.

  • 04

    Be transparent and confident. No bullshit, no waffle.

  • 05

    All feedback is good feedback.

  • 06

    Test, don’t assume.

  • 07

    Failure fuels our learning. Success springs from it.

  • 08

    Be brave. Don’t be passive. Don’t take the easy way out.

  • 09

    Everything has a story. You just need to tell it.

  • 10

    The details really matter

/ Recognition

Award Winning Design

You don't just need to take our word for it: we've got the credentials to back up our claims. Our work has been recognised by international awards platforms, including CSSDA, The Drum, Web Guru Awards and more. Winners of Best Innovation and Best UI and UX Design at CSSDA. You're in talented hands with the KIJO team.

/ Working at KIJO

Join our team. Redefine the industry.

At KIJO we want all of our team to feel like you can influence projects and make a real difference. We feel that all levels and job roles have value to add to a project. We believe that the best way to learn and improve is by doing. But we also like to invest in training as well. In an industry as fast paced and every changing as ours it makes total sense to never feel like the learning is done.

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