We design & develop award winning native and web applications for all industry sectors. We are one of Birmingham’s leading app development companies.

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Build the Future

After building applications for over 7 years KIJO’s Build the Future methodology has been optimised to ensure your app is award winning, user focussed & future proofed.

Encompassing an agile development methodology with multiple user testing ensures over delivery on your project brief. 

Web Design Birmingham

Award Winning

You don’t just need to take our word for it: we’ve got the credentials to back up our claims. Our work has been recognised by international awards platforms, including CSSDA, The Drum, Web Guru Awards and more. Winners of Best Innovation and Best UI and UX Design at CSSDA. You’re in talented hands with the KIJO team.
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
CSSDA - Best UI Design Award
App Development

Apps to Solve your problems

Our in-house app development team can utilise both React & React Native to create the application your users desire.

Native Apps

We create native apps for Android and iOS devices and launch your project into both Apple’s App Store and Google Play marketplaces. All our apps are directly downloadable to any mobile or tablet device and come complete with an attractive app icon and listing.

Web Apps

Offerings a frictionless user experience, web apps are accessible through a web address and remove the need for downloads. KIJO web apps cover a whole range of features, from providing form-building software to manufacturing firms to delivering video consultations for the healthcare sector.
Technology Stack

The Right Tools for the Job

At KIJO we always stay ahead of the curve, utilising the very latest design techniques and coding languages to ensure every application we build is future proof.

Advanced, Easy-to-use Apps Built with React

Building apps using React dramatically increases the speed of your digital product. It’s fast, scalable and simple. Using React, our app makers build advanced user interfaces and interactive UI components without compromising speed or usability. Apps built with React respond to data changes without requiring reloads, keeping the user journey interruption-free.

React Native

React Native is a very powerful way of building cross platform native apps. The same codebase can be used to develop apps for both iOS & Android. Reducing both the time and cost to release apps for the two most popular app stores. It is based on the web version of React and has a lot of the same great features. 

Beautiful Code with Laravel

Love beautiful code? We do too. Laravel is a quick and intuitive web application framework that speeds up your time to market. Fast, intuitive, cost-effective, scalable and the most secure framework on the market, there are a lot of reasons to like Laravel and the solutions it delivers.


We create native iOS apps, from app ideation to product launch on the App Store. Usable across the full range of Apple devices, our apps open up your business to a huge global audience.


Along with making iOS apps, we are all Android app developers, delivering the same innovative experiences so that you can tap into all markets. Our native apps for Android users are released via the Google Play app store.
Game Changing

Killer Features

Our applications can be created with a range of killer features. Wow your users and keep them coming back to your app for more.

Augmented Reality

Utilise Augmented Reality in your application to bring your products to life! Wether it be a virtual try on or setting a new rug design in your living room before making a purchase Augmented Reality has the power to revolutionise the online shopping experience. Merge the gap between the virtual and real world.

Video Technology

Video technology saw a huge boom in 2020 due to the pandemic and is here to stay. We created our first video conferencing feature in an application in 2018 for an online GP service, we then followed this up for multiple clients who wished to offer their users a bespoke branded video experience that added more value than simply sending a Zoom link for video appointments.

Push Notifications

Alert your users on updates, offers and much more with instant push notifications. Take advantage of having your app installed on a users phone to increase conversions and activity on your app.

Intelligent Booking Systems

If your users need to use your app to book an appointment for a service then you can utilise our intelligent booking systems. We have created booking systems for all different types of services from video GP appointments to personal training sessions to slots at the hairdressers.


Allow your users to purchase products through your app via an eCommerce system that can sync up-to your websites eCommerce platform and admin site. We also can build eCommerce systems for in app purchases or recurring subscriptions depending on what they course purpose of your app is. Our in app eCommerce systems offer slick seamless checkout experiences achieved in the fewest clicks possible.

3D builders

Does your product have multiple variations? Then what better way to enthrall your app users than with a 3D builder. With endless possibilities of product variations all displayed instantly in a modern UI, users can spin, zoom and change their product how they see fit. Utilising a 3D model they can then opt to see the item in AR with the click of a button.

3D builders

Does your product have multiple variations? Then what better way to enthrall your app users than with a 3D builder. With endless possibilities of product variations all displayed instantly in a modern UI, users can spin, zoom and change their product how they see fit. Utilising a 3D model they can then opt to see the item in AR with the click of a button.


How We Execute

There are some key elements to every app project we work on, these elements are what our team specialises in and this expertise is what wins us awards over other digital agencies.

Discovery & Strategy

We deeply need to understand your users and your aims and ambitions before we can start to formulate the strategy for the project. We carry out multiple discovery meetings and workshops and once we have delved deep enough we create the application strategy document. This document is central to how we work on the project and the solutions that we create.

User Journey

Every user on your app will be following a user journey, the clearer we map these out the easier your users will find using the application. This ease of use will lead to an excellent user experience and a higher conversion ratio for your intended goals.

Mood Board

It’s important we take your on a visual journey while we are in the design phase of the project. This starts with an app moodboard where the KIJO app design team will present to you various elements of an app using examples from previous apps we have built or 3rd parties apps we are using for inspiration for your project. Your preferences on this moodboard will help shape the visual direction we take the project in.

Design System

Detail is what delivers a high quality user experience. We plan & create a branded design system that covers all the elements needed to build an app. In the design system we detail colour palettes, font choices, button styles, input styles and much more. The design system is your 2nd step on the visual journey towards a new website.

Prototyping & Motion

Uitlinsing React Native we can create slick UI interactions within your application that WOW your users. We allow you to experience these UI motions by prototyping them in app simulator software so you can experience the app as it would be used once live before it is launched.

UI/UX Design

Using the design system created the specialist UI designers at KIJO will start to create a modern website UI using all the brand system elements. Our UI team are experienced in focussing on UX to ensure the best possible experience for your users once the website is complete.


KIJO’s app development team follow an Agile development process when building applications. This allows for greater testing and easier sign off of individual features of the app. Development will be planned across a number of milestones with weekly meetings to discuss progress, priorities and testing feedback.


Throughout the Agile development process each individual element and feature of the app will be tested and signed off, this process ensures a very high standard of quality assurance. Once all the features of the app have been signed off we then have an internal & external testing process that allows for 3rd party user testing.



Keep in touch via your dedicated project page on our Konnect Portal. All KIJO projects are managed end-to-end via this custom-built interface, keeping documents and communications in one place.



The ultimate resource to empower you and your team to use and update your app. We provide videos, screen recordings and how-to guides to give you all the information you need to manage your digital platforms.



Ensure optimum app performance with our specialist app maintenance service. We have a dedicated team with a super-fast response time & ticket system.

KIJO Cloud


App cloud hosting managed by the KIJO team. Ensure your app is super-fast with load times under 0.5 seconds and a 99.99% uptime record.


What our client's are saying

Diverse Experience


The KIJO team has had the pleasure of working across a diverse range of sectors. Providing us with a unique insight into how these industries work. We have partnered with startups, large enterprises and public sector organisations. 


We have worked with healthcare companies and University Hospitals in conjunction with the NHS to create simple, effective websites for both patients and practitioners. Displaying information and appointment details with clarity and building with the highest security standards.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations often have multiple stakeholders and complex offerings for which existing websites are poorly equipped. KIJO’s web design team streamline information into targeted, logical user journeys, helping people find what they need quickly and easily.
Loughborough University
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Elevate your brand and inspire your users with luxury website design. An elegant, well-designed website can highlight the quality and heritage of your brand, delivering everything your brand deserves.
Crucial Trading


We have worked with leading establishments such as Birmingham City University, University of Birmingham and MICRA. Students, Parents and Teaching Staff all need access to specific information types. Achieve this across a visually consistent website and keep everyone informed.


Our eCommerce websites are built with WooCommerce, an open source WordPress platform which offers secure payments, configurable shipping options and full customisation options. Optimise conversion rates with bespoke checkout flows from KIJO.
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SaaS - Software as a Service

Generate more sign ups, achieve greater brand exposure and deliver more results with a KIJO SaaS website.
Noti SaaS


We have designed websites aimed specifically at the growing gaming market. This audience has high expectations and specific requirements. 

Duel Gaming Website
Your Questions


The cost of building an application can vary hugely depending on your project aims and ambitions. However due to the development process of applications a budget of less than £20,000 would be unrealistic.

This really depends on the feature set of the app solution we are creating. The more complex the app the longer development will take. We will be able to give you an estimated project length in the project proposal we create after carrying out a consultation with you.

Yes part of our process is to manage your release in the app store and guide you through this process. Once the app has been released we can transfer for the app over to a different app store account if requested. We can also guide you through an app release through your own app store accounts.

We don’t offer app marketing services in house at KIJO but we can refer you to a 3rd party agency who will offer you preferential rates due to the referral should you use them for app marketing services.

This is all handled in the project contract. We will transfer all new IP created on the project if requested over to you. We will also discuss any existing KIJO IP we wish to use on the project if any and the licensing terms associated with that IP.

Yes we have lot’s of apps in the apps stores, the best way to check out our recent app portfolio is on the following link: View App Case Studies

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