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Barlows EV

A Redesigned User Experience Gives this EV Charging Brand the Power it Needs to Enter a New Market

Barlows, a company providing EV charging solutions, enlisted the KIJO team to improve their existing native and web applications. 


The Barlows’ EV charging platform operates within both home and public EV charging markets and consists of a public facing native app and a web app for the in-house Barlows team. 


Whilst they already had a web app in operation, they required specialist help to improve their existing platform and add new features that would create a better user experience and an uptake in home and off-peak charging. 

A Brand Ready to Expand

Barlows wanted to introduce new features to their native and web applications that would improve the user experience of the app, give users new charging options and allow the brand to expand into a new market and improve their overall sustainability.

These were the addition of home charging functions and the introduction of an off-peak charging function that would work to decrease electricity demand during peak times.

As well as introducing these new features, Barlows also wanted to ensure that the user experience of the app was unrivalled and that users were guided through the whole process of starting a charge.

Making Charging Easy

In order to ensure users had an enjoyable and practical experience when using the Barlows system, we added new screens which would guide the user through a step-by-step of starting a charge.

The steps included within the screens are: connecting a vehicle, selecting a charge amount, charging a vehicle and disconnecting the charger.

We also created a suite of animations that we added to the step-by-step that now act as a visual guide for each stage, making the instructions clear and easy to follow.

The KIJO team implemented a similar approach to the introduction of the home charging functionality with a brand new step-by-step guide and visual animations.

The home charging functionality was advanced further with the introduction of a “My Chargers” screen that acts as a hub for all set up chargers where users can view their charging history, add a charging schedule and edit the details of a specific charger.

We added intuitive charging features such as the ability to choose the day and time for charging, the option to start charging immediately and various choices should a user miss their scheduled charging time.

Another new addition was the ability for Barlows admins to view all of the home chargers set up within the web app under each user, a key feature for staff to improve customer service and maintenance requests.

Sustainable Solutions

Barlows were keen to encourage users to adopt a more sustainable approach to charging their EV’s via off-peak charging. We therefore introduced the ability for users to set up off-peak charging within the app, as well as the option to create their own charging schedule (or have no schedule at all!)

The charging schedule screens now advise users as to which hours are classed as “off-peak” and therefore are the most sustainable choices. We also added a function that ensures users have the option to switch to off-peak charging at any time.

In order to make user management easy for the Barlows team we developed the ability for the company’s staff and admins to view and edit default charge times from individual charge points within the web app.

The Results

The improvements we made to the Barlows web applications, both the public facing and in-house apps, have allowed Barlows to expand into the home charging market, a key business goal for the company.

Thanks to the off-peak charging functionality we introduced, Barlows have been able to take further steps towards their sustainability goals and encourage users to charge up their vehicles when there is less demand on the grid.

The overall user experience of the Barlows app has also been greatly improved thanks to the additional guidance, animations and new screens added by the KIJO team.


With the new Barlows EV update you are now guided through the process of starting a charge with step by step onboarding screens containing intuitive animations for visual aid. 


Barlows EV App now allows you to connect, manage and schedule your electric vehicle chargers at home. We have made it quick and easy to add a new charger with informative onboarding screens followed by a powerful hub to view and manage your chargers.

Schedule Charging

With this new feature you can set up a custom charging schedule. It allows you to choose the days and hours of the week that you would like to charge. As long as your car is plugged in, the app will handle the rest.

Off Peak Charging

With electricity demand increasing more and more, we have added a new feature to encourage users to charge during off peak times. This setting will be available to turn on during your first charge but is also accessible from the charging schedule screen.

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