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An Enhanced Self Service Experience for a Market Leader in Holiday & Airport Extras

Holiday Extras approached KIJO with a view to developing their app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Here’s what KIJO did to achieve that.

Holiday Extras is a UK based company that allows users to book all of the additional add-ons that one might need to make a holiday run smoothly. These include things like airport parking, airport hotels, airport lounge passes, travel insurance, car hire and airport transfers.

Holiday Extras approached KIJO with a view to developing their app’s user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The aim of the project was to save customers time and create a time saving, easy-to-use check-in experience.

9.2 / 10

Customer Satisfaction Rating

11 mins

Reduced Check-in Time

Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras

Clients Save Time & Reduce Stress

Holiday Extras wanted to provide a consistent customer experience by turning a manual, face-to-face process into a reliable digital experience that ultimately saved customers time.

The previous UI was virtually non-existent. Airport parking customers would have to check their car in once they arrived at the airport which meant numerous chances of poor customer care e.g. customer queues, system delays and/or process confusion. To bolster the user’s satisfactory experience, KIJO delivered a bespoke online check-in portal which allows users to check in for airport car parking before arriving. This would be emailed to customers upon booking with some of the information pre-filled.

We also integrated this system with HX / Park-IT REST API which allows the app to retrieve the booking details using a link in the confirmation email. The car information is pre-filled, and a customer can easily change or confirm the licence, make and model of the car they intend to park.

Now, once a customer completes this process, all they have to do is park and drop off their keys, saving them lots of time, worry and stress.

Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras

Flight Data Informs Seamless Car Collection

The KIJO design team introduced the ability to show flight times from all airlines and airports Holiday Extras serve. This allows users to confirm their return flight home to ensure their car is ready for them, providing a seamless user journey from pre-holiday to their home return. If the customer’s flight is delayed, they can now simply update their booking which will notify the Holiday Extras car park’s system too.

The KIJO team also integrated the app with Stripe to facilitate secure, trustworthy in-app payments for additional add-on services whilst the user was on their holiday. These options included valet servicing and EV charging.

Custom Animations

Motion is the future of design, and instantly gives an application or website a modern feel that captivates users with ease. Because of this, the KIJO team decided to animate Holiday Extras branded, top-of-the-page illustrations using Lottie. Lottie is a JSON-based (text format based) animation file that allows us to ship animations on any platform as we would static images. We placed these animations at the top of particular pages within the app to provide stronger clarity regarding the purpose of the screen in a more engaging way for users. This promotes navigational ease and helps ensure customer retention.

The Results

By honing in on our understanding of the Holiday Extras current offering and coupling it with our extensive expertise in app development, the KIJO team have managed to deliver an enhanced, improved and satisfying application.

Key, upgraded features like the integrated Stripe payments for service add-ons combined with a consistent, simple design and great UX have been specifically developed with the customer experience in mind. Because of these developments, the customer satisfaction rating is now scoring an impressive 9.2/10.

Nifty additions like the bespoke check-in portal and pre-filled information saves the user time and prevents stress. Since these implementations, the time taken to check-in has been reduced for users by 11 minutes on average. Significant time-saving features like these will directly contribute to making the holiday experience more enjoyable, which was the exact goal of the project.

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