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RPM Consultants

Cutting Edge Software Solution to Help Businesses Understand Their Energy Usage

RPM Consultants are an energy and utilities consulting service who wanted KIJO to transform their internal and external web apps and software solutions. 


The energy consulting business needed a new web app that would act as energy management software to give their staff the ability to manage buildings, recharges and billings. 


They also required a client portal for customers to view energy usage and costs as well as a web app for staff to capture meter readings on the go. 


Whilst RPM Consultants has previously attempted to build a software solution themselves, it lacked the functionality and usability that they needed.

Creating a Solution That’s Fit For Purpose

Alongside RPM Consultants, the KIJO team were able to set clear goals and expectations for the project.

We needed to create a software solution that would provide a positive ROI for building owners, saving them money in the long run. The final product needed to enable buildings to be more efficient and ensure the data collected is used to its maximum potential.

The existing software used by RPM Consultants was outdated and lacked innovation making it hard for the brand to grow and reach their full potential.

The use of manual note taking on pen and paper for meter readings was less than adequate whilst the use of spreadsheets for calculations was clunky and time consuming.

Information and data wasn’t presented in a visual way and out of hours charging was causing a problem due to the need for calculations to be adjusted.

A Future-Proof Product

The finished software solution created for RPM Consultants by the KIJO team is a modern, well architectured product that will allow the company to reach some of their main business goals.

A visual card layout where each part of a building can be connected was created to allow relationships and allocation methods to be assigned, affecting the calculations and underlying maths of the application.

We also created a feature that allows for the importing of energy bills using machine learning to read the values of a bill and provide useful data to users whilst the creation of a table, similar to a spreadsheet, enables users to quickly and easily input meter readings and data.

The new web app will be easy to use for both staff and customers and crucially will be accessible on mobile devices, allowing staff to take meter readings on the go without having to rely on a notepad and pen.

KIJO have created a software solution for RPM Consultants that’s future proof and provides the company with the confidence to build their business model around the software.

The Results

The new software created by KIJO will be integral to RPM consultants achieving the valuation they are aiming for their business. The innovation will be totally unique to RPM Consultants, allowing them to take a lead position within their industry.

As the product has been designed with ease-of-use at the forefront, RPM Consultants will be able to successfully achieve their growth targets for sites and consultants with ease.

The new software will allow calculations to be completed automatically, reducing the workload and overheads required to provide recharges for buildings. This automation will increase the capacity of team members, assisting with the growth and scaling plans for the company.

Calculating Out of Hours Energy Charging

RPM can now make use of a new user interface to calculate out of hours charging. This new feature allows clients to submit out of hours requests through a mobile app, and preview the cost impact of their out of hours usage. The user interface also includes a client portal where clients can access all of their out of hours requests in one place. 


The new user interface includes automation features to streamline processes for building managers. One such feature is the ability to input meter readings on the go using a mobile app, rather than the previous method of using a notepad and spreadsheets. This not only provides more visibility of the readings, but also reduces the need for manual calculations. In addition, building managers can now create recharges and reports directly within the application, further simplifying the process of managing energy usage and costs.

Enhanced Visualization and Data Access

We have created a visual interface that clearly displays relationships between tenants, floors, and equipment, as well as a table view of all meter readings. These features have made it easier for building managers to make calculations and better understand energy usage patterns, helping them to more effectively manage energy costs and usage.

Presenting Information Visually

The new user interface includes visual dashboards for buildings, managers, consultants, and clients, which present information in an easily digestible and visually appealing format. These dashboards allow users to quickly understand key metrics and trends related to energy usage and costs, helping them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. In addition, we have introduced a video tour which guides new users through the entire interface and explains the various features in detail. 

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