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What is the secret sauce that makes a company great? For KIJO its Kulture.

What is Kulture

KIJO was started based on a simple idea. The idea was to create a design agency that combined cutting edge technology with stunning visuals and aesthetics. Kulture is the embodiment of these ideals into the very core of the agency. From the way we conduct our work, to the team members who join us, to every decision we make. Kulture is what makes KIJO what it is today and guides us to be what we want to be tomorrow.
KIJO - Ideas Meeting
KIJO - Office Wall Sign

The Story Behind The Name

The story starts around 15 years ago when brothers Kirk & Jordan started helping local businesses develop their websites & market themselves online. The KIJO name is a combination of the initials of these two founders.
Story Behind the Name - KI
Kirk is one of the co-founders of KIJO. His day to day role is heading up the business development and client relationship areas of the agency. Kirks experience in forging new relationships with forward thinking clients contributes to the agencies growth.
Story Behind the Name - JO
Jordan is the other co-founder of KIJO. His role as creative and technical director sees him oversee all the work that is produced by the agency. Jordan’s keen eye for design and technical knowledge ensures the agency continues to push boundaries.

The Team

Team work makes the dream work. Our talented team members embody the KIJO spirit and help push creative and technical boundaries everyday.
Kirk Thompson
Business Development Director
Jordan Thompson
Creative Director
Mike - KIJO Team
Mike O'Raw
Lead Graphic Designer
Mark Simmonds - KIJO Team
Mark Simonds
Digital Marketing Executive
Connor - KIJO Team
Connor Moore
Lead Developer
Connor - KIJO Team
Sam Searle
Project Manager
KIJO Team - Default
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Kulture Statements

Statements that shape our approach every project. Present or future these statements are timeless.
01 Perfect the Experience
Where the Users Are
Devices come and go. Mediums change as technology changes. One thing that will always stay consistent is the user at the centre of everything we do.
02 Simplicity Requires
Sometimes saying no is harder than saying yes. The persuit of creating simple and elegant solutions is what drives us.
03 Combine Product
& Feelings
Design should connect with users. The experince should be visceral and emotive.
04 Foundations Built
for Tomorrow
We strive to make decisions on every project that we will look back on as solid and effective. No trendy choices here.
05 People will Stare.
Make it Worth their While
Aesthetically pleasing design is priceless. Great design is timeless.
06 Build The Future
The future is now. We are at a unique stage in human history. Let's take advantage of it.
Let's Build the Future Together...

Our Location

The KIJO office is based in the historic jewellery quarter area of Birmingham City Centre. Our office is based at Grosvenor House overlooking St Paul's Square.
St Pauls Square Birmingham

Awards & Recognition

Awards - The Drum
Awards - Drum Recommends
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