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Birmingham City University Advantage

Web Design that Empowers Entrepreneurs

Provided by Birmingham City University, BCU Advantage is a business growth network, offering support to help start-ups and growing businesses in the West Midlands.

A Personalised User Journey

Rather than the typical website structure of pages featuring ‘About Us’ and a list of Services, the BCUAdvantage homepage immediately offers visitors a call to action specific to them. Directive phrases and striking imagery in a scrolling banner encourages visitors to ‘Start Your Business’, ‘Grow Your Business’ and ‘Innovate Your Business’, each with a ‘See More’ button. This funnels potential users into separate sections for start-ups, existing businesses looking to grow, and those looking to innovate.
Headings are customer centred questions, asking about ‘You’, or first person statements, inviting the customer to own their desires by clicking ‘I want to start a business’. This is a completely different feel to the old website, which simply gave a list of services offered by BCUA, which while useful, were difficult to understand and were not targeted at the customers who would find them most relevant.

Designing an Enquiry Process that Businesses Will Love

The enquiry form we inherited was ugly, with too many services to select and too little information about them. It was inaccessible, and overwhelming for businesses to navigate. The challenge was that there was nothing unnecessary in the form, every service needed to be available on the form for those who need it.

We provided a bespoke solution with a multistep form which users click through for a simpler, clearer, more encouraging experience. Now users only see what is relevant to them and the language is much simpler to understand. With large vibrant cards to select replacing dull check-boxes, the form is a modern and engaging way for new customers to get in touch.

The form automatically populates what it can, if the user has filled it out before or if they have clicked through from a service information page. For example, if a user is viewing information about a start-up incubator, and clicks to the form from that page, they will already see ‘I Want to Start a Business’ selected, and Incubator selected as one service they are interested in. Then they can choose any additional services, describe the specific challenges they’re facing, and fill out their contact details.

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