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Unique Website & Brand for a Mental & Senior Healthcare Provider

When we took on the Equilibrium Healthcare website project, our main goals were to create an engaging site that was easy to use and that reflected the organisation’s tailored attitude to care.

One of the first key elements of design that we included was a new multi-step referral form which made referring patients to the organisation easier than the legacy tool.

In terms of visual cues, we brought bright and vibrant colours to each page of the website to encourage a more uplifting effect on the user. In addition, we used high-quality cut-out photography of the staff to lend a human dimension to the site’s appearance. Both of these features helped to create a consistent brand image across the site’s content.

To make accessing the right service faster and clearer, we created dedicated pages for different user types, namely families and professionals. These pages housed specific and highly relevant content for each audience.

To illustrate the level of care that Equilibrium Healthcare provides and to display the multi-cultural background of their patients, we included photography that showed a variety of scenarios in which patients and staff were interacting positively.


For the service pages of the website, KIJO focussed on highlighting the many benefits to Equilibrium Healthcare’s approach, as well as their high-quality care facilities.

In the brief, it was also important to display how valuable a career with EHC can be. Therefore, we created a page that spoke to the benefits of working within the organisation. This included showcasing key testimonials that illustrated the positive experience that employees have had working for EHC.

Lastly, to make sure that at any point in their navigation of the site visitors had quick access to making a referral, we placed a button on the top banner that took them straight to the helpful referral form.

Our comprehensive and considered approach to each element of the brief made for a high performing website that looked and functioned to an exemplary standard.


Transform Equilibrium Healthcare’s Visual Identity

With a two-year plan to transform the company, Equilibrium Healthcare came to KIJO for branding, website design and development. In line with their wider company improvements, we needed to create a visual aesthetic that was modern and inviting.

The branding needed to be developed for various digital channels and physical uses so that the company wasn’t restricted in the future. With four residential locations, each providing a unique service, the branding needed to provide a cohesive message yet be versatile enough to allow for slight differentiation.

Designs for A Standout Healthcare Brand

Equilibrium Healthcare is a mental health and social care provider, with a target market of clinical professionals seeking solutions for patients and a secondary market of families looking for healthcare providers. As such, our design needed to be highly professional, yet warm and approachable.

We developed a complete brand system made up of 8 core elements: logo, journey line, colours, typography, tone of voice, photography, icons and UI elements.

The Logo

We used a flowing line connecting the ‘e’ and ‘q’ to represent a patient’s journey and the connection between a patient and the Equilibrium Healthcare team. We created sub-logos for each of the four residential locations that perfectly fit the wider brand aesthetic, yet clearly differentiated each location.

The Journey Line

The ‘journey line’ brand graphic originated from the logo and is used to add movement to various branded displays. A highly versatile element, it adds vibrancy to any text or image section and is a useful brand identifier when the use of the full logo isn’t appropriate.

Colour Palette

As a mental health and social care provider with an open-minded, pioneering approach, we wanted Equilibrium Healthcare’s colour scheme to be vibrant and unique rather than overtly clinical. Our final colour palette of blue, pink and white was an intentionally bold and unusual choice for a healthcare brand.

We used the dark blue for impact and pink as the main accent colour to add warmth to the designs. The royal blue and light blue provided additional variation for the brand. Plenty of white space across all visual elements ensured all designs were not only clear and legible but fresh and inviting.


The Design System


For the typography, our emphasis was on clarity of message and modernity. We used a variety of weights for different usages which offered much-needed differentiation across their services and improved message clarity.

Tone of Voice

When developing the company tone of voice, we looked to Equilibrium Healthcare’s existing values for inspiration. ‘Every human counts’ was already one of their core values, which we felt perfectly encapsulated the company, their message and long-term vision. We incorporated this slogan across many of our designs. As the first letters, EHC, match the company name, it makes the brand and its core message easier to remember, increasing brand recognition.


All company photography was created in line with the ‘Every human counts’ ethos. We cut out the background of images to remove distractions and ensure the focus remained on the individual.


We designed a variety of unique, brand icons to communicate information quickly and effectively. We used phone, website, email and address icons to draw attention to contact details on collateral. There are also bedroom and kitchen icons for use within the facilities themselves. Rather than using standard icons, bespoke designs create a much more sophisticated and professional overall impact.


To develop the UI in line with the rest of the brand, we created design templates for buttons, banners, headers and footers, that would create a cohesive style across the website and aid the user journey.


The Result: An Impressive Healthcare Brand with Untold Potential

Our aim with Equilibrium Healthcare was to produce a vibrant brand identity in line with the company’s core values and long-term vision that showcased their patient-first approach. Providing both digital and physical branded elements, Equilibrium Healthcare now has a complete brand aesthetic, adaptable to all settings and with comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure visual continuity. All our designs are fully responsive, enabling our client to promote their services across all digital platforms and devices.

The Equilibrium Healthcare team are delighted with our work so far. We are now designing and developing their new company website, inspired by their stylish, new visual identity.


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