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ProMD Health

A Website Facelift for a US-Based Aesthetic Clinic

ProMD Health, a US based clinic offering aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments, came to KIJO in need of a new website.

Their existing site was dated and contained an overwhelming amount of information. The brand needed a total website refresh to bring their online presence up to date and create a more streamlined user journey.

An Improved User Journey to Boost Conversions

The new ProMD Health website needed to provide a markedly improved user journey compared to the existing site, ensuring users could quickly and easily find a service and make a booking.

ProMD Health were also keen to increase website conversions, in this case a user booking an appointment, as well as ensuring the franchise page clearly conveyed messaging that appealed to potential franchisers.

Making Services Easy to Find

In order to create a great user experience and clear user journeys, the KIJO team implemented visual separation for each service by colour coding them, ensuring each was clearly defined and signposted.

We also introduced the ability to access all service pages directly from the home page whilst an improved navigation structure streamlined the amount of pages available to access from the main navigational menu.

The addition of motion effects helped to make the website more engaging for users and a better landing page structure featuring engaging content was introduced with the aim of increasing conversions.

Prompting Conversions at Every Stage

In order to reach one of ProMD Health’s major goals for the new website, an increase in conversions, the KIJO team optimised CTA’s throughout the website, ensuring prominence was being placed on booking an appointment.

A sticky book an appointment button is placed in the corner of every screen which works alongside a pop up prompting people to book an appointment that now appears after users have been on the page for a short duration of time.

We ensured the brand messaging and value proposition was clearly communicated through the website content in order to prompt as many conversions as possible.

Appealing to Potential Franchisers

Together with ProMD Health, we identified a new value proposition to be displayed as a key cornerstone of the website’s content on the franchise page.

The introduction of new, engaging and insightful content such as the brand’s USPs, trust signals, the process of becoming a franchise and relevant news and industry stats all help to convey the brand’s core messaging to website visitors and target potential franchisers.

The Results

User testing revealed an increase of an impressive 480% on users being able to reach the goal of finding a service they were interested in and booking an appointment as well as a 300% increase on users being able to identify the key messaging on the franchise page.

The new website has created a bespoke and engaging online hub for the ProMD Health brand allowing them to position themselves as an industry leader to potential clients.

Increasing Website Conversions

In order to help increase conversions, we implemented several strategies. These included ensuring that the client’s brand messaging was clear and consistent, optimizing call to actions (CTAs) across the site to make it easy for users to book appointments, introducing a sticky CTA that followed users as they scrolled, and adding time-sensitive pop-ups to encourage users to take action. We also introduced motion effects throughout the site to create an engaging experience for visitors.

Enhancing the User Journey

To improve the user journeys on the website, we implemented several changes. These included visual separation of services with color coding, access to all services from the home page, improved navigation structure and landing page structure adding more engaging content, and a site-wide search bar. We also introduced a questionnaire that provided a personalized experience based on the answers given by users.

ProMD Website
ProMD Website
ProMD Website
ProMD Website
ProMD Website
Improving Franchise Messaging

We recognized that the key messaging on their franchise offering on the website was not effectively communicating the benefits of joining their network. To improve this, we first identified a new value proposition that clearly articulated the unique advantages of becoming a franchisee. We then introduced insightful content on the landing page that provided more information about the process of becoming a franchisee and the benefits of joining the network. We also included relevant news and industry statistics that demonstrated the strength and success of the client’s franchise.

ProMD Website
ProMD Website
ProMD Website
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