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WordPress for Enterprise: Why Use a WordPress Web Design Agency?

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  • September 29, 2023
WordPress for Enterprise: Why Use a WordPress Web Design Agency?

While WordPress is known to the public as a blogging site, the platform is capable of much more. In 2020, WordPress powers just over 38% of all websites. Everyone from huge corporations and publishing giants to local service providers and travel bloggers uses WordPress. The best option for any enterprise looking to build a website is to combine the scalability and customisation potential of the platform with the expertise of a WordPress web design agency.

When outsourcing your website design, opting for a specialist WordPress agency offers multiple advantages:

  • Agencies select and manage the best WordPress plugins and themes for your site.
  • Completely customise every element of your site to reflect your brand. 
  • Scalability and reliability are essential and achievable with managed hosting. 
  • Agencies give you access to otherwise prohibitively expensive WordPress extensions.
  • Improve your search engine rankings by optimising your site’s structure and content.

Before deciding where to outsource, shop around and discuss your project with a few agencies. An experienced WordPress web design agency will offer tailored solutions in line with your brand and goals.

At KIJO, we work with large enterprise companies across multiple sectors to deliver visually stunning sites with excellent functionality. As an award-winning agency, we choose to use WordPress because the core coding is open-source. This means WordPress capabilities are constantly being updated and we can easily create bespoke elements for your site.

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A Valuable Business Partner

A WordPress web design agency is a valuable business partner. Agencies advise you on the best course of action, but ultimately the decision-making always lies with you. You get all of the benefits of expert insight and experienced designers and developers, without losing any of your autonomy.

It is an agency’s job to deliver a product customised to each client, reflective of your brand identity and with your business goals in mind. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every website is developed with WordPress’s core software, but with advanced industry knowledge, it is easy to create a unique, original website.

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Make the Right Decisions When You’re Spoilt for Choice

What sets WordPress apart is the freedom you have to fully customise your site. As WordPress is open-source, developers can constantly build on the core code and create new plugins, themes and extensions. The scope of WordPress is impressive and continually expanding with the input of third-parties. Being open-source means that WordPress is constantly updated, with extensions offering the very latest technological developments and design trends. 

There are close to 60,000 extensions in the plugin repository, each able to extend the capability of your site. These include page builders that allow you to control every aspect of your website design and integrated social media marketing. Alongside this is the theme directory. Themes dictate the look, style and feel of your site and there are almost 8000 to choose from. No other platform offers this level of scope and customisation.

A WordPress web agency will be able to advise you of the best quality plugins and themes to use and adapt them to your business. WordPress regularly updates its core software and developers create new extensions. An agency makes sure your site is up to date and fully functional. They can even build custom themes, so you aren’t limited to choosing from what is already out there and can completely shape your site to your brand. 

When you’re spoilt for choice due to the sheer scope of the WordPress world, an agency will make the smartest choices most suited to your situation. Harnessing the potential of WordPress in your favour will leave you with a visually stunning site, aligned to your brand and with impressive functionality.

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Expert Page-Builders

It’s possible to design a completely custom-built web page with the use of page builders. Custom themes are created with the use of dedicated WordPress software such as Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor. Using a page-builder provides unrivalled customisation options yet delivers a simple design process. It streamlines your operation and means coding errors and delays are less likely. 

With years of experience building bespoke website design, the team at KIJO specialise in Elementor Pro. This software allows you to build a site completely from scratch and each element, from a social button to a header bar, are completely customisable. 

If there isn’t a plugin, theme or page-builder out there that can provide exactly what you’re looking for, with WordPress open-source code, it can be custom-built. When you’re after something incredibly niche, developers can build something unique to your business that is fully compatible with the WordPress platform. 

Ultimate Scalability with Managed Hosting

Once your website has been beautifully constructed, both structurally and aesthetically, make sure it can handle all incoming traffic. Loading pages quickly and processing products orders and requests without a hitch are essential to deliver excellent user experience and maintain customer loyalty.

The speed and reliability of any site under high traffic are directly related to where you host your site. The most advanced cloud-based servers provide your site with the best chance to successfully manage all incoming traffic. Opting for an agency that provides managed hosting is a smart option and allows you to easily scale up your operations. 

At KIJO, our hosting is powered by AWS, the number one cloud-hosting provider worldwide. We offer 3 different packages depending on your requirements so your website can grow together with your business. We manage all aspects of the hosting to ensure it runs optimally. Migrating your site over to us is included in our services and we deliver a smooth transition without any downtime. 

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Smart Workflows and Systems Ensure Consistency and Autonomy

A WordPress web design agency is the gatekeeper to the systems that keep your site working smoothly. However, the simplicity of the WordPress CMS means your internal team can still make changes too. All too often incredible websites are created, but within a year they are messy, difficult to use and functioning poorly. The value of WordPress is that it empowers businesses to make small changes to the website in-house through the CMS while maintaining the integrity of the overall design and structure. You can retain complete control of your content marketing. Images and copy can easily be uploaded to your site as the WordPress dashboard is intuitive and straightforward to use. 

By adhering to the systems put in place by an agency, brand consistency is ensured as the design, style and function of your website remain consistent. However, smaller changes can still be made in-house. With WordPress, you won’t have to turn to an agency for a small content change or image edit. You will only need agency expertise for extensive website changes and system overhauls. 

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Producing a working website with flawless visual design is one job, getting it in front of your target audience is another. WordPress’s core software is built with SEO in mind. WordPress automatically generates titles tags and meta descriptions for your pages, making it easier for Google crawlers to navigate and index your website.

Agencies have the expertise to build on this even further. With in-depth knowledge of the best practices and plugins on the market, an agency can quickly position your site in front of your most valuable audience. Managing both the front and back end, your site will be fully optimised and in-line with search engine specifications. 

Should Google or another search engine update their SEO procedures, agencies have the resources to understand and respond to these changes before anyone else. If compatibility issues arise following a big WordPress update, it will swiftly be rectified by the agency, keeping you in the loop.

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Improve Your WordPress Web Design by Working with an Agency

WordPress allows enterprise customers to have a completely custom website which is able to manage high traffic, without being locked out of their own website design. Unlike other website builders, with WordPress, businesses retain their autonomy even when using an agency. With the CMS you can easily update your own content and avoid reverting to agency assistance for the smallest changes. Using a WordPress web design agency gives you in-depth knowledge and expertise, but only when you want it. 

The potential to build a website exactly as you imagined is where WordPress excels. As WordPress is built with open-source code, the customisation options are endless and always advancing. Working with a WordPress web design agency will keep you at the forefront of that development. An agency will maximise the potential of WordPress and bring the best plugins and design elements out there to you. 

A WordPress web design agency works with you to understand your brand and goals, then creates a bespoke website to match. This leaves you free to get on with the rather large task of running your own business. 

The team at KIJO have been designing and developing WordPress websites for years. We know this industry inside out and are passionate about bringing the full potential of WordPress websites to big businesses. Contact us today for more information on what we could bring to your business.

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