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Click GP is an on-line video consultation service offering GP services to private patients throughout the UK. This a new service set to disrupt the on-demand access to GP’s which is becoming an increasing social issue in the UK.

The Brand

During the strategy phase of the project we analysed our market & competitor research and decided it would be best to use soft letterforms for the logo. We also discussed the importance of making the platform available and targeted towards family’s.
With the colour palette we wanted to use colours that would create emotions of trust and safety. This immediately ruled out colours such as red and naturally lead us to a combination of blue & green.


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Web app

Web applications have a number of advantages over native applications although there are pro’s and con’s for both forms of application. We decide for immediate ease of access that the 1st version of Click GP should be a web app as appose to a native application.
Personal Dashboards
The Click GP application has been created with 3 different users types; Admin, Doctor & Patient. For each of these user types we created a personalised dashboard so each user has access to the data most relevant to them immediately upon login.
Live Consultations
The ability to conduct live consultations via video call is the main feature of the Click GP application. Our UI has been designed so that booking live consultations is the main CTA and most prominent user path upon login.
Book Your Consultation
Another core feature of the Click GP application is the ability to book a consultation. The design challenge with this feature was creating a UI for each admin type that included all the options for booking. Patients needed the ability to view previous appointments, current bookings and make a booking, Doctors needed all the same features as a patient but the additional feature of viewing a patients medical history and Admin’s needed a whole suite of features that included the ability to create & edit clinic dates and lengths.
Full Medical History
The application includes an option to view a patients full medical history. This medical history is accessible by both the patient and doctor account types. Doctors need to be able to view the medical history to see previous treatment and any current on-going allergy’s etc. The patients being able to view this history gives them trust in the system and peace of mind that the correct details are being stored.


Doctor Dashboard
When a doctor logins they are able to instantly see their booked appointments for the week, the patients data for each of these appointments and their own profile information.
Patient Dashboard
When a patient logins they are able to instantly view their upcoming consultation bookings, previous consultation notes and information and they have full access to their medical history.
Admin Dashboard
When an admin logs in they able to view the clinics that are booked / open for that week, how many appointments have been booked within those clinics and any notifications sent to them from doctors or patients since they last logged in.


The days of ringing your GP for an appointment and being given a date in 4 weeks time, if they have appointments available at all that is! Or being told to call back in the morning at 8am are over. Live online consultations on-demand with a UK GP are available now with Click GP.

Book Your

A core feature of the patient account type is the ability to book a consultation, this is the feature where the patient can select a date and time that is convenient for them to see a GP. The UI has been designed to make this process as quick and as simple as possible, with all options for booking available within the same screen.

Full Medical 

Utilising an online GP service has a number of advantages one of these being the ability to view a digital record of a patients full medical history. This is a service not available to patients in a physical GP surgery. Another key advantage of Click GP is doctor’s can read a patients medical history while an examination is taking place via a split screen option.


To help promote and market the Click GP application we created an SEO optimised responsive website that lists all the applications features, the pricing structure and all other relevant information that a user requires in order to sign up to the service.

The Results

Click GP launched mid October 2019 so we are still collecting data for our results. At this stage the feedback we have received has been super positive from both the project stakeholders and early stage users.


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Extremely happy with the outcome as the net product is amazing. Team at KIJO is world class, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.
Dr Adeel Riaz, Managing Director