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London, UK
Well & Truly Workshops

A Transition to WordPress to Help Support Future Growth

Well & Truly are an employee wellbeing and support business who help businesses succeed through workshops and training. They approached KIJO in need of an improved website.

Their existing site was built using Squarespace but the Well & Truly team found this had too many limitations in terms of design and content management.

They therefore wanted the KIJO team to begin by making small improvements to the existing Squarespace website before transitioning to a new site built using WordPress.

Time For Something New

Well & Truly’s aims for their website were clear, they wanted a website that would include clearly defined key messaging, increase website conversions and improve Google rankings for their main target search terms.

The KIJO team began by firstly making small changes to the existing Squarespace website to improve performance before slowly transitioning the Well & Truly online presence over to WordPress.

Content with Conversions in Mind

The KIJO team worked to identify and create a new value proposition for Well & Truly that resonated better with their target audience alongside user personas that allowed us to accurately identify the brand’s target market.

CTA’s were optimised across the site, ensuring enough prominence was placed on booking a free consultation and that the primary goals of each user persona could be reached within as few clicks as possible.

It was important for the website content to accurately reflect the quality of service provided by Well & Truly therefore we added prominent trust signals, USP’s, testimonials and press sections.

We also introduced the ability for users to navigate either by service or by pain point, with content for every stage of the funnel ensuring no users are lost and conversions are boosted. The specific hierarchy of content created allows every user to easily find relevant content.

The entire visual communication across the whole website was kept on brand.

Optimising for SEO

To help improve the search rankings for the website we created service landing pages that were SEO friendly, easy to read and specifically optimised for Google with appropriate meta data and internal linking.

Highlighted keywords are used throughout the site whilst the 3 tier blog system implemented by the KIJO experts pulls posts into categories for effective content marketing.

The Results

Before officially launching the Well & Truly website we conducted user testing which saw 80% of users being able to identify key messaging on the home page.

The new website directly meets the initial aims for the project including portraying a clearly defined message, and was built with a quality and professional content management system.

Increasing Website Conversions

In order to help increase conversions, we implemented several strategies. These included ensuring that the client’s brand messaging was clear and consistent, optimizing call to actions (CTAs) across the site to make it easy for users to book appointments, introducing a sticky CTA that followed users as they scrolled, and adding time-sensitive pop-ups to encourage users to take action. We also introduced motion effects throughout the site to create an engaging experience for visitors.

Enhancing the User Journey

To improve the user journeys on the website, we implemented several changes. These included visual separation of services with color coding, access to all services from the home page, improved navigation structure and landing page structure adding more engaging content, and a site-wide search bar. We also introduced a questionnaire that provided a personalized experience based on the answers given by users.

Improving Franchise Messaging

We recognized that the key messaging on their franchise offering on the website was not effectively communicating the benefits of joining their network. To improve this, we first identified a new value proposition that clearly articulated the unique advantages of becoming a franchisee. We then introduced insightful content on the landing page that provided more information about the process of becoming a franchisee and the benefits of joining the network. We also included relevant news and industry statistics that demonstrated the strength and success of the client’s franchise.

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