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B2B Quote Illustration

Home Page

The re-design of the homepage as with any web design project is hugely important. B2B’s homepage was the page that most people enter website from. The old website had a high bounce rate and it was not immediately clear the action the website wanted the user to take. We changed this by adding clear call to actions and moving the main tender search bar above the fold on all devices.


Early on in the project planning we decided we wanted to take inspiration from some of the most successful Sass companies across the world and introduce bespoke illustrations across the new website. All of the illustrations we created where bespoke to the broke and created in house by our talented team. We created 2 illustration styles for the client to choose from and then 20+ individual illustrations for various sections of the website in the chosen illustration style.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

User Experience design is a science as well as an art, guiding a user through your website will increase conversion rates by making the user feel more comfortable with your brand. The main call to action with the new website was for a user to register a free account, using a mix of clear visual communication, user flow & micro copy the new website has significantly increased this key metric.





50% of the B2B website traffic was made up of mobile users, good news for those users is that here at KIJO we champion mobile 1st design.  We don’t simply squash the desktop version of a website down, we design specifically for mobile, tablet and desktop so there are 3 versions of any website we create.

Registering & Booking

The old registration process on the B2B website was unclear, too long & convoluted, we decided to streamline this process, creating a simple one screen sign up form. We moved the account set-up process to after the user had registered and this process now sat within the on-boarding process of the software.

Persuasive Design

With conversions in mind, we utilised UX design techniques to maximize on the ample traffic the website was already receiving. Detailing the process of utilisng the software in 3 easy steps, simplifying what was previously an unexplained process.

User Flow

Simplifying the user flow of the website was another key metric within this project, its important to guide the users on a journey of discovery and then to your targeted end goal, making this process more difficult than it should be will give a user less likelihood of

Trust Signals

We identified on the old website a lack of trust signals, another key factor of our designs at KIJO are putting this trust signals front and centre in our designs, helping the client to gather this content if its not already available.


The new website delivered on the core elements of the brief, improving the conversion ratio of sign-ups from the existing traffic while uplifting the brand. The bespoke illustrations are completely unique to the project and add that extra design touch to make the new website stand out from the crowd.