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B2B Quote Illustration
B2B Quote is the leading UK platform for tender alerts. Utilising its online platform users can sign up for tender alerts within pre-selected filters & apply for any tenders that become available. KIJO designed & developed a new website and tender platform to improve user experience and increase the conversion rate of traffic to sign-up’s. Simplifying the sign-up process, making the platform more user friendly and creating a new visual direction for the brand where key elements of the project.

Home Page

The previous homepage of the B2B Quote website didn’t have a clear call to action and user path. Also the ability to search the list of current live tenders was below the fold and this is a key feature when trying to convince users to sign up. On our homepage design we moved the ability to search live tenders above the fold and simplified the page to have one main CTA of register for free.


To give the brand a new visual direction we decided to create a series of bespoke illustrations to utilise across the website. These illustrations identified the different features of the B2B platform. For the illustrations we drew inspiration from abstract illustration styles previously used on book covers. We wanted to add a human element to the illustrations to represent how tender applications usually require collaboration between multiple teams and departments within an organisation.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

Attention to detail is key with all digital design, adding the extra detail really brings a website to life and make’s it stand out from the competition. We paid particular attention to the User Journey on the new website designs and this attention to detail has paid off in terms of the traffic conversion ratio.





Google Analytics statistics showed us that around 30% of the website traffic was through a mobile device. With this in mind we created 3 different versions of the designs; one for desktop, one for mobile and one for tablet devices.

Registering & Booking

The main website CTA we designed was register for free, this primary action was visible at all times when navigating the website and the button colour was unique compared to all the other website buttons.

Persuasive Design

It’s always important to remember while we are designing on behalf of our clients we are actually designing for our clients clients. We have to be constantly thinking about design that will encourage sales and interactions and with this project that meant designing for platform registrations.

User Flow

The previous website design and platform design was complicated and a clear user journey was not established, this was resulting in a high bounce rate, a high drop off rate during the sign-up process and a poor traffic to register conversion ratio. The important of ease was at the forefront of our design thinking and motivation.

Trust Signals

Trust signals are an important factor when designing websites that have a primary CTA of an action you want a user to take without any further interaction with the brand. We designed a number of different trust signal sections across the new website.


The new website has achieved on the primary goals set out at the beginning of the project. We have simplified the user journey, increased conversions and given the brand a new visual identity that is bespoke and unique.